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35 weeks pregnant and expecting a boy. The one name my husband and I agree on is Reid. We have a big family on both sides and really do not want to repeat any names or use names that make us think of someone else. The problem is my parents have already voiced they did not like the name Reid “ because it’s not a normal name”
Thoughts on the name Reid and would you use it still ??

Re: Boys name

  • It's fine. Not my style but not a name I'd side eye. (Unless your last name is Richards, because Reed Richards is a dick) 

    As far as your parents go, meh. The only reason they are giving you sounds like it comes down to their personal taste and that's just their problem. 

    That said. This is a good lesson in learning that you won't please everyone, ever. By all means, take advice and get opinions, those are all good things and sometimes there are very legitimate reasons family might bring up to not use a name, but personal taste? Meh. There is no name that everyone will like or love, so don't hold out for the "perfect" name, it doesn't exist. 
  • Love Reid and honestly don’t let your parents discourage you.  Reid is a legit solid name that works on all ages. My Inlaws hated when we picked Trent but it’s not their kid. We chose a name we loved. As long as you are not choosing a made up misspelled name I think you just need to learn not everyone will love your choices. As a parent it’s something that will only get worse because everyone will have an opinion on everything

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  • I really like Reid. I consider it a “normal” name.  I’m sorry they don’t. I do think they’ll learn to love it because they will love your little guy. 
  • I love Reid and agree with the other posters. This is why we didn’t share our name till we were 100% decided. Everyone has an opinion! I say go for it and they will learn to love it (or accept it). :wink:  
  • Reid is a great name! Use it.

  • If you chose it and agreed on it and are only second guessing because of the parents reaction, go for it.
  • Jumping in to agree with others- love Reid, it is a normal and awesome name. This situation is why I went out of my way to not tell anyone our ds name before he was born (Theodore nn theo) because we had decided we loved it and didn't want anyone to give us doubt in our choice. Also, because we assumed they would have tried to sway us to use a family middle name and we wanted a new name. So, if you can help it maybe just don't talk about it with them at all until after he's here and the ink is dry on the birth certificate. At that point it is his name and they will fall in love with him, name and all. 
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  • I like Reid a lot. So much that I don't want to suggest other names to you - and your parents got to name their baby(ies), now it's your turn. It's not a naming committee. They'll get used to it.
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  • Reid is great! They may say they don’t like it now, but they can suck it up! They had their chance to name their kids and now it’s your turn. Besides, it’s kinda hard to not like a name when there’s a snuggly baby attached to it. If they keep being it up just tell them it’s not up for discussion and walk away.
  • They'll get over it.

    It's a lot easier to say you dislike a name when it's one name choice among many and the baby isn't born yet.  Once that name gets attached to a real person, it's a different ball game! It's hard to dislike your own grandchild's name!
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  • I think it's fine. And honestly I don't tell family names for this reason... I mean if you have a baby with a name, they will let it go... but if given the option, they will have an opinion.
  • I think it's a nice name and has some class to it. I've seen grandparents and other relatives roll their eyes at names; once the babies got here, they thought that they were the most beautiful names ever; they'll be ok.

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