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  • @gh515, not sure if this is the Gap coat you're referring to, but I bought it this past weekend when there was that sale and just got it today. It does look like it should have room for a full-term belly (I'm not having multiples). At the moment it even feels too big, so wondering about exchanging for the next size down, but still thinking about it.

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    @enigmaticjj awesome! That's good to know! Grateful for the insight since I can't try it on in store.

    I was debating between that one and this puffy coat version, only because in my head 'puffy' should mean warmer (probably false according to some of the reviews), and I'm cold all the time:

    Your positive commentary on the other coat might sway me to the first!

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  • @HappyMonkey817 I'm sorry you're feeling that way. It's normal to not love everything about it. It's a strange, strange process. And I have to say, it so really weird to carry on a conversation with someone moving around inside you.

    Afm, I loooove movement. It's so reassuring for me. Every time I think, "Oh, hi buddy!" I've now stayed in bed 10 minutes longer than planned because baby's awake and moving around and I want to just enjoy it. 
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  • @HappyMonkey817 don't feel bad, growing people is weird.  Not every one will feel giddy about the experience, I bounce between awe and wigged out while pregnant. Just because you aren't over joyed about the experience doesn't mean you don't love your baby, it is a crazy feeling to have your whole body change and create life. 
  • @gh515, yeah I was considering the puffy one too. I just went with the other figuring I was starting to see that style more lately and I already have a regular puffy style, so figured to try a new style. Worst case, return to a store I figure. :)
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