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TW Tuesday - Halloween Edition

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Re: TW Tuesday - Halloween Edition

  • Me for not going to my daughter’s kindergarten fairytale parade today. I am leaving work early for Halloween stuff and didn’t want to take a lunch...well she cried when H told her I couldn’t come and I feel like a piece of shit mom who doesn’t put her kids first. 

    Also Spectrum for not fixing out internet yet with no ETA of it actually being done. 
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    Little Brother 3/1/18
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  • @Mass-girl-at-heart I'm going to say your H is the TW in this case for telling you she cried! He should've just kept that piece of information to himself so you wouldn't feel guilty. You're not a bad mom!

    @mdfarmchick sounds like something my MIL in law would do too! Major eyeroll.
  • The weather. It has been unseasonablly warm, until today. Today it has decided to snow. Ontario weather at its finest.
  • @justkeeptrying I always make an extra effort to talk to her when people ignore her. She’s not old enough to get embarrassed yet, but it does make me sad to think that somewhere in her little mind she’s upset when people don’t acknowledge her. I’m glad I’m not the only one! My overprotective mama bear was really coming out today :D  
  • @mdfarmchick if my MIL didn’t live in the same city us I’m positive she would do the same thing . As it is my H has to drive her car through the car wash for her because she’s “afraid of not driving in right “ 
    I’m rhe TW to myself today . I am getting some kind of upper respiratory thing so I didn’t go to work today , which means I didn’t wear my costume . I’m bummed but I am not feeling well . Hoping I have the energy to hand out candy tonight so I’m not a TW to all the children . 
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    Married: 5.27.16
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  • @antoto idk maybe it’s my UO but I’ve never been in such a hurry that I can’t at least smile back at someone, let alone a child. I’m all for avoiding eye contact when I’m in a bad mood but if I do see them smiling/waving, I’m at least going to smile back. Can you close your door during breaks so that teacher doesn’t come in? One of my teachers in HS had to do that to keep other teachers and students from constantly being in her room.
  • @ShawnnaO She will literally key into my room even if it's locked.  Sigh.
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  • @antoto oh she is definitely a TW. That would drive me crazy.
  • @antoto wow. That’s rude. Maybe the principal is out to get her and you should help. 
  • I am definitely a TW today. Our outdoor lights are on a timer. Both of us are out of town and it didn't occur to me until today that I didn't do anything to figure out some way of having them off tonight.  :s Sorry, kids! Luckily we don't get that much traffic but I still feel bad that they're going to walk all the way up our longer and steeper than average driveway for nothing. We're probably going to get egged.  :|
    Me: 34 DH: 38
    Married: June 2011
    TTC since Feb 2016
    BFP#1: 7/7/16 MMC: 8/16/16 
    BFP#2: 5/8/17 - CP
    BFP#3: 6/27/17 EDD: 3/10/18
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