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  • @JJMNO1616 @BarefootContessa My Harmony brochure says that you can take it anytime after 10 weeks through the end of pregnancy, but I don't know if other tests are different? 
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  • jbn999 said:
    Now that we found out we are having a girl, the "comments" are starting to roll in.  How do those of you with a girl(s) handle the "girls are so much harder than have your hands full with a girl....wait until they are a teenager" type comments?
    Idk, my daughter is WAAAAYYYY easier then my Bil/Sils son! It all depends on the parents and their temperment, along with normal age behavior. 
    But my daughter never hit or bit or threw anything, she is super calm and cuddly, my nephew is a tornado. That does all of those things and more
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  • Find out if your insurance covers amniosentisis (sorry spelling). Docs usually do that if the nipt is inconclusive but I've seen people get stuck with $4500 bills for it. So better to know in advance about your coverage. 
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    @priestess619 I've had high bp my whole life, and part of my first pregnancy I was on methyldopa.  I didn't get dizzy, but it made me very tired (and I usually don't get side effects).  It took a little bit to get used to it.  I'm on labetolol now and I didn't have any side effects.
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  • @psuxray07 thank you ! Always nervous to start new meds- starting it tomorrow morning, so any "what to expects" helps a lot  :)
  • @BarefootContessa man that has to be frustrating.  Hopefully you can find out better answers

    @kmalls maybe getting the race card bed will help your DS with the transition?  Granted they can be expensive and probably will be uncool by the time he is 6 or older.  But anything that can help the transition couldn't hurt. 

    So early this week my DD's teacher at school told me that she is doing really good with potty training at school.  She stays dry all day and usually tells them she has to go potty.  At home she barely tells us if she has to go and usually when I ask her every half hour she tells me no.  Granted I think she does so well at school because all the other kids in her class go potty so the peer pressure keeps her on her toes but home we are so off and on.  At home we have rewards like some M&Ms or Sucker or getting to play with play-doh but she kind of just doesn't care, girl is pretty stubborn.  What else can I do?


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  • @allowachick Ugh I'm with you on the post nasal drip! I've been taking Claritin since week 8 and it's making a moderate difference. My OB said it's just an unfortunate pregnancy symptom from all the increased fluids. I think it contributes to my nausea and vomiting more than anything! I had the same thing the entire pregnancy with my DD and it stopped right after I gave birth 
    @atreestump86 YES. SO MUCH. This is literally the only reason I will still occasionally get nauseous and vomit.

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  • @BarefootContessa I'm sorry that you got two inconclusive results, that must be so frustrating! You can take the test up until delivery, but I'd definitely see what they would do differently with a third blood draw to ensure that you get a result.

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  • @ladythrice did the doctor did a urine analysis after you were done with antibiotics? If not, I would ask for one! Some UTI are more resistant and the antibiotics might not get rid of the whole infection and keep coming back!
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    @danjoly, I don't know to be honest... I think so? After the first UTI, I called and scheduled an impromtu appointment because I was sure I had another. The in office test showed bacteria in my urine so they sent it out to get a culture. My understanding is that during this process they test the bacteria against different antibiotics to see what works. After the culture, they prescribed an antibiotic. Apparently what they used worked because at my last appointment I was bacteria free at the in office test. Is the in office test sufficient to catch this based on what you are saying? (I go every two weeks until 24 weeks so I can ask for something at my next visit if I need to!)

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  • @ladythrice ugh I don't know if a office test is as efficient as a urine culture. Maybe ask them next time. You could also ask about the baking soda trick. I do that when I feel UTI symptoms. It's basically chugging down water with 2 table spoon of baking soda and then drinking 5 cups of water. It's supposed to change the PH of the urine and kills the starting infection. Maybe it's placebo but I had good luck with it. I was super prone to UTI and even had to pyelonephritis (UTI up in the kidneys). Cranberry pills helped a lot too 
  • @danjoly THANK YOU!

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