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Weekly Product Spotlight 10.25: Baby Wearing

For STM+ if you previously got into baby wearing, what products have you used and recommend? Anyone have any links for decently priced baby wearing products?
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Re: Weekly Product Spotlight 10.25: Baby Wearing

  • When DD was newborn I wore her in a wrap. I think it was Boba, but all those long fabric wraps are kind of the same. I preferred this when she was so little because it kept her nice and snug and comfy, and left my hands free to get stuff done. In her first weeks she basically lived in that wrap when I was awake. I felt like it really helped us bond. But I don't really recommend them for wearing outside the home or for when they get bigger, because the fabric is stretchy and when you walk around a lot it shifts and you have to readjust a lot.

    When she was older and we were going out places more, I wore her in a harness carrier. It's a Lillebaby, with mesh material. I liked it because the mesh was breathable, which was super important in the hot FL climate we live in. It was great for grocery shopping.

    Both of these were gifts from a friend of mine who was super into baby wearing so I don't have any links to share for purchasing. But I will recommend looking to see if there are any local baby-wearing clubs in your area. I went to one here that would put out a bunch of different carriers you could try out with baby, and professionals who would help you adjust your carrier so it was safe and comfortable. They even had some available to rent, or to trade.

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  • ahoneycutt12ahoneycutt12 member
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    I have so many different types of carriers from wraps to structured and my all time favorite is my all season LilleBaby.  It is so comfortable.  I do recommend a wrap for around the house as sitting and lounging while baby wearing is much more comfortable if you end up with a baby who doesn't want to be put down or has reflux and you have stuff to do.  I wasn't a huge fan of the K'tan but I did really like my Boba wrap for when she was smaller.  It was also still very comfortable to wear post c-section and didn't take too long to figure out.  

    Edited to add:  too funny I just read the comment before me and we recommended the same ones  :D
    You can also use the coupons at buybuybaby on the LilleBaby which gets you a bit of a better deal and the manufacturer has sales on their site sometimes and they have a wider selection as well as an extender strap for larger men and women which is amazingly awesome since not a lot out there do!
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  • For both of my kids, I used a Baby K'Tan (which is more of a wrap type carrier) while they were really tiny, and then a Beco Gemini carrier once they had head control (this one is more structured).  I like both a lot, and in particular I really like the Beco because it doesn't require a newborn insert and can be worn in 4 positions.  I wish I wore both of my kids in either carrier more, and I plan to do more baby wearing with #3. 

  • I tried the k’tan and liked it for a newborn, but it was too hot for where I live and didn’t work well for a bigger baby (like more than 2-3 months IMO). I found a lot of the wraps to be too hot as well, and a pain in the neck to use (may just be me; most women swear it’s not hard but I honestly would tie the baby up and then feel like I had to hold them all the time). I have the baby Bjorne mesh carrier, which I will continue to use for baby 3. It buckled in so I feel like they are secure, it’s by far the coolest I’ve found, and my husband and I can both use it. Only downside is that it doesn’t have a waist strap so all the weight is on your shoulders, so when my babies were bigger (like 9-10 months) my shoulders would start to hurt after a while. But mine were both early walkers anyways and wanted to move by that point so not a huge deal
  • +1 for K'Tan as a soft wrap type carrier.  It doesn't need to be tied, so it's a lot less fabric and easier to get on/off than some of the others (I upgraded from the Moby because the fabric drove me crazy), but it is size-specific, so you and DH likely cannot share the same one.  DH only really liked to wear DS in a structured carrier (Ergo) anyway, so this didn't matter for us.

    I like our Ergo, but hated that I had to use an infant insert when DS was smaller.  If I were buying again, I'd look for one that didn't require the insert (not all Ergos do).
  • I always used the k'tan when DD was really tiny as well. I think I need to get myself a smaller size now though. We also used the lillebaby all seasons once she was a little big bigger. It has definitely been a great carrier for us!
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  • I have said it on other threads, I LOVE my baba sling. It’s super comfy and easy. It’s padded and easy to use. I loved it for everyday trips etc bc I could easily do it alone and quick unlike my k’tan and my Ergo. 

    The k’tan was nicer for newborns because it seemed more comfortable for the baby and fit better. I don’t like that it comes in specific sizes though bc DH can’t use it. Then it would stretch and hurt my shoulders when they were older. I’m glad I have it but given the option I would have chose something different for sure 

    I love my Ergo for long day trips/hiking/theme parks type activities. It’s the easiest on my back but a PAIN to put on. DH uses this one a lot. He liked to carry DS and DD on his back with it. It was the worst for nursing though bc I had to take basically the whole thing off (did I mention it’s a pain to put on? Lol) 

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  • I tried the moby and did not like all the fabric at all. I ended up with an ergo and loved it. I find it easy to use and put on. I did buy an infant insert but it is easy to use as well. I'm looking into a K'tan for wearing around the house when LO is little 0-3 months. The ergo is used more for grocery trips, park trips, walks, outings etc. I want the K'tan (or something similar) for just around the house. :) 
  • I had a moby and k'tan last time, but ended up using my boba 4g the most. However, I want to give ring slings a try this go around since I felt like the boba carrier could get really warm. I've heard slings are nice and breathable. I'm planning on either going with a Tula or wild bird sling. 
  • I have a Moby wrap that I use. I was also given a k'tan and sling second hand this time, but haven't used them obviously.

    I love the Moby for keeping my little ones close.  Especially grocery shopping or other outings with lots of people. Some people have no boundaries.

    (I tried a structured carrier with my first and she didn't like it. I think it was an infantino)
  • I used a sollybaby when DH was itty bitty and iced it. I also have a Huggaloop which I liked but it’s super snug. Both were great for skin to skin.

    I carried him in the Ergo as well and love it but I also want to get a Connecta for this baby. I love babywearing and it’s benefits and want to do it even more this time around.
  • I tried several things last time. I had a Moby which I hated. I got an infantino Mei tai which I love for at home but I found it inconvenient in public since the strand are so long. I have a linen ring sling that's okay. My favorite was my Tula! I originally had the Ergo 360 then tried a friends Tula and it was like night and day. I'll be buying the Tula free to grow for this baby so I can use it right away. 
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    I had a baby bjorn with my last 5, wore out everywhere all day long with all of them, with no issues.  I've heard the bjorn is not good anymore,  and my dh is a very large (tall 6'5 ) man and wants to baby wear,  he's been looking at the ergo but i read it won't fit larger men do i think he'll have to get the Lillie bean?

    Wee were gifted a once used Bjorn last week,  it doesn't fit him at all,  and even though i loved it before i'm wanting to get something different this time because of the hip concerns about it now, maybe a k'tan  but Will hang on to it for now just in case. 

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  • @mamaof5already if he's open to something different a Mei tai or a ring sling would be good for him. DH isn't super tall but he wore DD in the mei tai a few times. He didn't like the ring sling. 
  • @mamaof5already my brother is also 6'5" and found that the infantino carrier was one of the few structured carriers that was long enough for him.  Although I have the Beco Gemini, which I love, and the straps are endless.  It's also supposedly more ergonomically correct than the bjorn.

  • We went to Buy Buy Baby this weekend and I had DH try on the carriers I registered for because he's tall and I wanted to make sure he was comfortable in them both. It made us feel better to physically try something on, so I'd suggest that. 
  • I used slings, wraps and Ergo with dd1 and mostly the Ergo and Moby with dd2. I also used a BabyHawk Mei Tai with ds2. My husband wore dd3 a lot. Like everyday, multiple times a day, and liked the Ergo. I also used it, though used the Moby a lot during the first four months or so. I'm currently eyeing different carriers.
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  • ash0625 said:
    We went to Buy Buy Baby this weekend and I had DH try on the carriers I registered for because he's tall and I wanted to make sure he was comfortable in them both. It made us feel better to physically try something on, so I'd suggest that. 
     We have been planning a trip to bbb just for dh to try on carriers.  The closest one is like 3ish hours away? So it keeps getting postponed as fall farm work takes precedence to baby shopping of its not raining or snowing. 
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  • @mamaof5already Oh no. That is a long drive during a busy season. Could you check the return policy and just order them, maybe from Amazon? Then you can try them on at home and return them. 

    Granted, I will say, the people at the store taught us how to put them on and that was helpful. 
  • During the first few months I used K'tan breeze and DH had one in his size too. We then used the ergo as the baby got bigger. 
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