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  • barrelocarolbarrelocarol member
    edited October 2017
    Ok. Really needing a comfy maternity belt. I found a comfy one that isn't very supportive. I have a very supportive belt that doesn't allow for sitting or bending. Recommendations, please!

    Edited to add: LuVee on Amazon is soooo comfy if you want light support, and cheap!
  • Definitely bigger this go around. The majority of my maternity tops now fit and with my last two pregnancies they were still “baggy” until about 26-28 weeks. Might have to size up with this one. 
  • Re: size - I don't know why but I'm smaller this go around. As in my fundal height is measuring smaller than it did last time during my check ups. 

    While I know that's normal, it still makes me feel...something. Not concerned, but something. 
  • @justkeeptrying I started this pregnancy about 50 lbs heavier than I was with DS and I definitely feel huge. As in, already having trouble seeing my toes. Ha. But my body made and fed DS and is currently making another one so I’m trying to be proud of myself. I haven’t put on a ton of weight yet, and I’m hoping to keep it that way. Hugs. You are not the only one who feels like a whale. 
  • I just find I am carrying really awkwardly. With my first two it was a round belly...this one looks like a weird point. Like her bum is just sticking out. My non maternity shirts look like I am trying to conceal things in my shirt. Soooo maternity shirts in public, I don't need any "ma'am what's that under your shirt" questions.
  • Another question: my chest hurts. Nipples, breasts, everything.  I'm feeling that letdown tingly stab and heavy, weighted soreness. 

    The only thing that actually works is sex and nursing - not things I can do all day long. 

    My poor midwife has no ideas for me other than the usual advice given to nursing moms. 

    Ideas on how to end the aching? I definitely didn't have this last time. 
  • Oh man. I echo your sentiments in that I'm sorry others are feeling this way but I am so glad to not be alone. I've gained 16lbs this pregnancy, which isn't terrible. But starting the pregnancy 40lbs heavier than with DS, I'm almost at the weight I was at when I gave birth to him. I keep telling myself I'll lose the weight after. But I really need to watch my weight (as I continue to eat my bagel with cream cheese for breakfast!)

    For anyone not wearing maternity clothes yet, do it!!! They're so much comfier. I can't imagine still squeezing into my regular clothes. 

    @barrelocarol, I had the tingly letdown feeling the other day and it freaked me out. I started leaking around this time (19 weeks) with DS. So I'm totally preparing for that any day now. Ugh. So not looking forward to pulling out the breast pads. 
  • @barrelocarol I am not nursing but I have noticed my chest and breasts are significantly more tender and painful this time. I keep getting the letdown feeling and my nipples are awful. I find that wearing a supportive bra constantly helps, even at night. I started using my beloved Motherlove nipple cream and it helped a ton. No other advice, but I’m here to commiserate with you 
  • @sarahhedger7 I never “picked” mine. I just scheduled my daughters apt with the hospital I go to and they assigned me a pediatrician. It’s very easy for us to request a different doctor should we not like the one we’re assigned to. I never felt the need to do any sort of vetting process. 
  • @barrelocarol I’m feeling similar feelings. I had a follow up breast u/s for a biopsy I had done on a lump 6 weeks ago. The radiologist suggested I stop wearing regular bras for the time being and use a nice but comfy sports bra to give my boobs, ducts, tissue, and nerves a break because no matter how well a regular bra fits, something is likely going to be irritated. Not sure if that’s helpful or not, but you’re not alone. 
  • Paint color question... we are going with a “rainbow” themed room. Pretty simple is my idea, with splashes of rainbow/color. That said.. is white going to seem like a padded room? How white do we go? I mean true white? Off white? Not white at all? Any suggestions? We have to get it done before carpet comes on Wednesday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  :/
  • @chasingroygbiv all the walls in our bouse are true white. I think once you get decor in there and have furniture, it doesn’t feel like a padded room or unfinished or anything. I think, given the theme of your room, you’re going to really appreciate those white walls so everything still feels pulled together and not messy.
  • For choosing Pediatricians I would start with call your insurance and getting a list of in-network providers, reviewing them online and then possibly calling to set up interviews with your top 3 picks first. Go with your gut and you can always switch if need be. 
    Honestly, though we didnt even call to see if our pediatrician was accepting new patients until our son was 2 days old. She’s the same ped DH and I both saw as kids so we already knew we would like her 
  • @sarahhedger7, the process for picking a pediatrician probably depends on your area. For us, my OB gave us a list of available pediatricians once we got to 3rd trimester. Told me to tell me who I wanted at my next appointment and she'd set it up. The list only has maybe 10 available doctors. So I googled them, and then decided based on online rating, location, and personal experiences from friends. Worked out I got the same ped my sister uses for her kids. She's great!
  • @chasingroygbiv We did a really light blue in our master bedroom that is basically white but has a little color to avoid that. Light blue would complement rainbow, but white would be fine too.
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  • barrelocarolbarrelocarol member
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    Thank you to all for the breast pain comments! I don't want the discomfort for you but I do appreciate support! 

    Edit: I don't apprehensive support. I appreciate support, TB. Stop with the ridiculous auto incorrect. 
  • @sarahhedger7 I never did the interview thing, either and most of the moms in my network didn't. 

    I think the interview is great, but it's so so limited. 

    Example: We chose this one pedi in the hospital. He said he was pro-breast feeding and holistic treatments  He was humorous and we felt there was a good fit. 

    Fast forward to my hormonal, emotional early days...this DonkeyMD told me my breasts were too small to nurse effectively, he made fun of me for the questions I asked, made fun of me for using "old school" cloth diapers and gave zero alternatives when I asked for other routes besides Tylenol, which he always always prescribed. 

    We finally switched but an interview with him would have done nothing. Your experience on the spot with a baby, particularly during the first medical issue, will give you all the info you need. 
  • @chasingroygbiv I have passive grey in my living areas, and am looking at nebulous white for the baby’s room. It’s in the same color family-so a cool white. I’m pretty sure I got the paint samples from Lowe’s and that they are Sherwin Williams colors. 
  • @chasingroygbiv I recently did "antique white" in my family room and with white-white borders on the windows and doors, it honestly looks very warm and creamy, but still clean. I think warm whites look anything but padded-room/sterile! It sounds crazy to compare whites in the room, but they seriously look very different based on the light it gets. You can't go wrong with a warm undertone in a bedroom!
  • I am going to ask my dr tomorrow but how late are you allowed to travel? My DH Just found out they are having a yearly meeting for one of his groups in Cancun and spouses are being encouraged to go and paid for. But it's not until the end of January and my due date is March 9th so I am pretty sure it's a no go.
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  • @megpeg I think most airlines officially say 36 weeks but it would depend a lot on how long of a flight it is... we moved internationally when I was pregnant with DS and my PCM told me he wouldn’t recommend doing a 10+ hour flight after 28 weeks because of the risk of blood clots and how uncomfortable I was going to be. I did fly home for ten days ((5 hour flights)) at 32 & 33 weeks but I don’t know that I would do that this pregnancy. Five hours is a long time and I’ve been stuck in my seat on too many of these flights due to turbulence so, I won’t travel as late as I did before. I also have a two year old now too. If you go, compression socks are a must. 
  • @chasingroygbiv I second the blue white! Benjamin Moore has a good true white. Do you live near an Orchard Supply Hardware? If you do...use them and become obsessed!!

    Also, I grew up in all white houses. Our walls were just always white and I never even noticed color until embarrassingly late in life. 

    So, no, I def think it would look nice with all of the decor and additions as the focal points. Post pics when you're done!
  • Hiya.

    Is anyone avoiding placing ipads etc. near their belly? I like to use my iPad to search Pinterest etc. while watching movies with my DH in the evenings. I placed a pillow on my belly while I use it now...am I being neurotic?  :# 
  • @nancysimp, I feel like I should be more cautious about this, but I'm not. I remember my uncle (who's very paranoid) freaking out when I used my cell phone while pregnant with DS. I rolled my eyes at him. But I am aware of it when I'm watching tv with the iPad on my belly. I'm trying to avoid that. But I'm not doing a great job. 
  • @amylonghorn "or seemingly anyone for that matter" made me laugh.  :D. I'm happy to report that DonkeyDoc is now retired. 
  • @kiki75 lol-ing at your post... my battles with the mirror are very similar,  scarf included! I've been wearing some of my non-maternity loose fitting clothes and a lot of times they just look frumpy! I like my maternity clothes but don't have a ton  of winter stuff so I need to either buy a few things or just accept I look frumpy and it's ok.
    @barrelocarol I didn't read all the responses but have you gone to motherhood and tried theirs on? I think when I went they had two different brands. I didn't find theirs to be super comfortable but it wasn't awful either. I would usually wear it when I was walking/standing for long periods and take it off when sitting for long periods.
  • ShawnnaO said:
    @chasingroygbiv all the walls in our bouse are true white. I think once you get decor in there and have furniture, it doesn’t feel like a padded room or unfinished or anything. I think, given the theme of your room, you’re going to really appreciate those white walls so everything still feels pulled together and not messy.
    All our walls are white too. I'm going to put up floating bookshelves of some kind with colorful covers of books showing and hand some bright art and curtains. I think the white will just be a non-noticeable backdrop. 
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  • Also, I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone in the body image issues, although of course I don't wish this on anyone. I was a bit overweight to begin with and now I already look truly pg, but I can still fit in my regular t-shirts and that makes feel like I just look a little fatter/ said at how I must have looked before. Also I had been working out before pg and feeling really strong and now I feel like awkward and not strong and that doesn't help. 
    Seems this is a normal thing to go through in the first half of pg. Can't deny the changes now! 

    This is my first, so I can't compare to nursing, but last week I bought a bra that is much larger than the new one I got last summer. Gotta say, 1 holy wow they're huge. 2. I look a lot better! and this really helped w above issues. 

    Also, my nipples are dark and kinda... crusty looking? Is that normal? 
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  • @fatstagnation I have noticed that my nipples look chapped, so I'm hoping it's normal! I know darkening is normal, but I haven't noticed color changes yet.
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