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Julian or Julien

we love the name Julian if our baby is a boy, but we are struggling on which spelling. I know Julian with an A is the way most people know, the only reason I am torn is because, Julien with an E, is the French spelling and our daughter's name has a French spelling. 

Do I go with the regular spelling? Or Match our daughter's name with the French spelling? 

Tell me what you think! 

Also middle name will be Russell after my father. Do you think Julian Russell flows ok? 

Open to suggestions! Would love a J name that is not too popular. 

Re: Julian or Julien

  • Julien looks odd to me, but I understand your reasoning for wanting it
  • Julian, definitely 
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  • Julian Russell

    I'd only use the French if you are French in this case. 
  • I like Julian Russell.  If you want other J names 


  • Another vote for Julian. 
  • Definitely Julian. I don't think the spelling of your other childs name matters. No one will ever notice. 
  • I also agree with Julian.

    other ideas:

  • Unless you live somewhere where the French spelling is common I would go with Julian.
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  • Agree with pp; go with Julian.  Most people will never have seen the Julien spelling and will assume that it's youneek.  It will also be a hassle for your son to correct people all of the time.  Normally, I don't think that that matters too much, but in this case, it seems like it would be even more of a nuisance than for most other instances.

    And Julian Russell sounds delightful together! 
  • Julian. Julien looks odd.

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  • I guess I'm in the minority but I don't have a problem with Julien but I've seen it spelled that way before. However if it will bother you that most people will spell it wrong then I'd go with the more common spelling.

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