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2nd Trimester

When did you start having food cravings?

I'm 14 weeks now and haven't experienced any food cravings. When did you start to have cravings and what foods did you have to have? 

Re: When did you start having food cravings?

  • I never really experienced food cravings, and I'm on my 3rd pregnancy. The closest I got was I always need to have my drinks ice cold where as I normally don't because of my sensitive teeth. I had occasions where I'd really like to have something, but it was never any stronger of a feeling then when I wasn't pregnant wanting something particular. 
  • Never, with either pregnancy. I kept waiting for one so I could stereotypically send my husband out in the middle of the night, but no dice.
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  • I never did with my son. With this one here are certain foods or flavors that I really want some times, but it’s not really a craving per say 
  • I never had food cravings. I really wanted sushi at one point, but considering I still want it four months postpartum, I'd say it's not pregnancy related. 
  • The moment the sperm met the egg. Carbs, I wanted lots of carbs. 

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  • Majority of my first semester. I hate most pizza places except Stoners Pizza. So I craved that REAL BAD. Also, my bf LOVES Sour Cream on most things you put it on. Like nachos and tacos and stuff. I could do without.....until I got pregnant with his kid. Lmao LOVED IT on all that stuff. Omg it was so good. Then second trimester hit and BOOM no more cravings. 
  • I barely had any specific cravings, it varied from day to day and was usually either "I need sweet/salty". Though I will say (and maybe this was I wanted what I couldn't have...) but I craved margaritas my entire pregnancy with DS  :# 
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