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Eloise vs. Abigail

Thoughts on the names Eloise vs Abigail?

Re: Eloise vs. Abigail

  • Eloise. 

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  • Eloise by far

  • Eloise! Abigail is a nice name but I feel it was way popular in the past decade.  
  • Eloise!
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  • I have a friend who has an Eloise and they call her Weezy. It's adorable.
  • @Cricket99 that is ridiculously adorable! I am in love with the name Eloise, and if we have a girl someday, that's what I would choose. Never thought of Weezy as a nickname, I love it! I'd thought we would call our hypothetical Eloise Lulu.
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  • Eloise -- but I prefer Louisa to both

    Abigail has always had a handmaiden/housekeeper/cook feel to me. I wondered why this was so I did some digging and apparently, my instincts were right. In a book called Literary Names: Personal Names in English Literature by Alastair Fowler, he discusses Abigail in a similar way:

    "Among female names, Abigail was early established as suitable for a waiting-woman or lady's maid" (p. 160). He then went on to discuss individual works of literature in which this was borne out by such authors as Jane Austen and William Thackeray. Mary, Betsy, Martha and Sally were also in this category of names. 
  • Abigail bc Eloise has been overdone lately.
  • Eloise 
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  • I love Abigail even though it's popular
  • Eloise!

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  • I'm in the minority and say Abigail. I think Eloise is trendy and a bit on the cutesy side, as I can never separate it from Eloise from the story books - which are great, but very specific to a personality. Abigail is classic, even if fairly popular in recent years. I put it in the same category as Elizabeth and Katherine. 
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  • Oh Elouise  for sure! Abigail is sooooo overdone these days!
  • I love them both. Eloise if you want something less trendy.
  • Eloise!!
  • Abigail - I feel like Eloise is super trendy. Abigail is more common, but also just classic
  • Abigail.   I personally don't find Eloise to be an attractive name, but I love Abigail.
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