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Weekly Symptoms Thread: 10/21-10/27


Re: Weekly Symptoms Thread: 10/21-10/27

  • @gusgus14 no tips, but having the same problem. Sitting and standing is getting to be so painful for my lower back.
  • On the I can't get comfortable train!  and more to it...the kid kicks me in the vag every time I sit for a long period of time...lovely.  Kinda glad she's not in my ribcage but...the constant vag kicks are not super cool either.
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  • @gusgus14 yup me too. They even sent the ergonomics guy in to adjust it for me, but it didn't help. What is this rib pain anyway? Ugh. 
  • I am just so. sick. of. puking.
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  • I was in so much pain that I went to the dentist to at least rule out an actual tooth issue. He thinks I have an infection in my gums and prescribed an antibiotic. I'm normally not a huge antibiotic person, but I've had so much sinus drainage for like 3 months that I agreed to take it (1. Because I was in pain and desperate) and because I'm hoping to knock out things with one stone. 

    2 doses in and 2 rinses with an irrigation syringe of antibiotic mouthwash, and the pain has subsided like 70%. Maybe it really was an infection from an initial piece of stuck food (the night before the pain started I had a piece of pizza crust jab my gum back there and I guess even after flossing, a piece may have been left behind. 
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  • @gusgus14 We were actually just talking about pregnancy rib pain in my Centering group yesterday. It's from the hormones loosening everything up for labor. I'm super uncomfortable sitting at work, but I've taken to sitting on a pregnancy ball instead of a chair and it feels much better (and strengthens your core lol)

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  • Everything hurts. I took DS to the science center yesterday and I didn't realize how much I'd have to pick him up and carry him around. Officially have to squat to pick him up so my legs are going to be beefy by the time this baby gets here!
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  • @KatieEl hope it goes away soon! I’m so sorry!

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  • @maueraa07 I'm having so much trouble lifting DD too. She's sick so she's been really clingy and I'm definitely feeling it by the end of the day!
  • Right on time, third trimester starts and i feel like my uterus is so heavy and big and it feels like it's being ripped away from my body when I'm getting up from the couch or standing. So, i officially bought a support belt on Amazon and it should be here this weekend. I've been wearing the belly band in the meantime but it's not 100% effective and i know this is just going to get worse. I know it sounds obvious that this could/would have happened in later pregnancy, but for some reason i didn't see it coming and it feels so weird!
  • Woke up queasy today, so that was great. It took me 3 tries to actually make DS's lunch. I did not have any MS with him - it is as unwelcome now as it was in 1st tri.
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  • Hip and thigh pain, way worse at night, I'm sooo tired during the day.  I needed pants but parked on the wrong side of the mall, so much pelvic pressure and pain for two days after.  Still nauseous here and there but it's not lasting all day like before.  I went in for the bleeding last Thursday when I passed a quarter size clot (sorry tmi!). After being hooked up for an hour, exam and sono, I was diagnosed with a friable cervix.  Was so happy to see baby girl again though!  She was making kissy faces and sucking on her fingers.  Really eased my anxieties that all is going well.  I'm a basket case pregnant...
  • I mentioned this in my ticker change but I've been having a difficult time breathing since last weekend. Finally called the OB yesterday and they got me in this morning. My Sats are good and they did a chest xray that was fine. Doctor said maybe I'm just uncomfortable or stressed. Well yes I'm both but I can't BREATH! I'm glad nothing is wrong but man this sucks
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  • The nausea is coming back for me too. Agh! I was nauseous all night last night. It was very difficult to sleep.
  • Oh, I'll be watching Stranger Things tonight, @conineml!

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  • @cyanope I cannot wait to sit back and enjoy it!  I was late to the ST train with the first season but I'm hooked now!
  • So.... lightning crotch. Already?!?!? Ugh. I've got a call into my OB because I've got that and some extra pressure going on. She told me to call her if I was getting pain or pressure so I decided to call.

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  • With you guys on Stranger Things! Bingeing this weekend!
  • DH has to work all weekend so we can’t binge ST....im bummed. 

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  • DH has be catching up. I’m still in the beginning of the first season of ST. Hopefully I’ll be caught up soon!

  • DH is working all day and he loaded ST onto *my* laptop and took it with him to watch between gigs.
    I slept for 14 hours - fell asleep on the couch while H&S were eating dinner - and woke up just before he left, to deal with an extremely 3 three-year-old who is not listening to 80% of what I say.
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  • @gusgus14 and everyone else who’s having trouble sitting in a regular chair, I highly recommend switching to a yoga ball if you can. Saved my butt last pregnancy. I couldn’t even sit on a couch comfortable for longer than about 30 minutes, but I could sit on that darn ball all day. I’m about to pull it out again for this go around.
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  • Woke up at 4am this morning feeling a little nauseous. Got up, drank some water and had to go #2. I was able to lay back down but I was sweating so bad, I took off all my clothes and passed RTFO. Then I woke up at my normal hour 7:30. Feeling better but then I had to run to the bathroom and had some diarrhea (Sorry for the TMI). Happened twice within 30 minutes. I went to the ER a few days ago because I was having some minor spotting, come to find out it wasn’t vaginal, it was coming from my urine. I have a minor kidney infection. So they prescribed me antibiotics. Which I think is the cause for my bathroom attack this morning. I’m going to keep an eye out for the next day or two, see if anything changes. If not, looks like I’ll be having to call my OB. fingers crossed that this goes away by the afternoon. We’re going to a renaissance fair tonight. I don’t want to be standing near a bathroom all night. 
  • @jcbh2018 antibiotics can do that to you. The last time I took augmentin I had similar problems. 

    Can we discuss pelvic pain some more. Specifically, the pubic bone? I walked quite a bit yesterday and felt ok and today my pubic bone is pretty sore especially with walking. Not to mention my crotch varicose vein is making me feel lots of pressure in the same area. I can live with it but now I'm freaking out that by the time I get to the end I could be immobile! Eeek! 
  • @trudytudy the crotch varicose vein is the worst. I’m in pain nightly and I have to walk with a limp for a few secs when I get up. I dread the next 10 weeks!
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  • I’m so sorry everyone is feeling so pukey/tired/etc! Third tri seems like no freakin’ joke so far. All of my muscles ache....kinda like I worked out but who am I kidding....I haven’t. I got a prenatal massage today to see if it would help...but it just made me more sore! Anyone else experiencing this?
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