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Little brother name?

Older brothers name is Nolan and we have narrowed baby boys name down to either
Nate Edward or
Hudson Edward
which do you prefer? We like the name Nate so not looking for opinions as some have said they prefer Nathan... it’s either Nate or Hudson! Help please :) 

Re: Little brother name?

  • Hudson. Nate is nice but I do feel it is too nickname-y.
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  • Hudson. Agree Nate is too nicknamey.
  • Hudson because Nate is nicknamey to me too
  • AndiPandi127AndiPandi127 member
    edited October 2017
    Hudson. Nate is nice but it's a nickname. 

    ETA: Hudson sounds better with Nolan. Nate and Nolan sounds like a comic strip to me.
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  • nanner26nanner26 member
    edited October 2017
    Hudson. It also sounds better with Nolan IMO. 
  • Nate no question. Hudson I can’t disassociate with the dirty dirty ny river

  • Prefer the name Nate by far, even though I would go with the full name, but I honestly don’t love it with Nolan. Sorry - I know that may not be super helpful. But I will also say that I think you have to go with the name you love, even if it doesn’t coordinate well with the sibling names. They’re individuals after all!
  • Hudson! I agree with everyone who is saying Nate sounds like a nickname. Most people will assume he's a Nathan or Nathaniel. It would be annoying to always have to tell people that it's not short for anything. 
  • Nate.  The fact that Nolan and Hudson end with a similar sound would bother me for siblings.  Nate is also much more timeless than Hudson.
  • I'm not a huge fan of Nate on its own.  However, I think it's preferable to Hudson.

    Hudson = river or last name, not a first name.  Also, when I say "Hudson" I think "Dudson."
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  • Nate
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