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Sister for Henry

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we recently found out the baby #2 is a girl! We're stumped on names this time around. We like classic names. Popularity doesn't matter as long as it is classic-popular, rather than trendy popular. We don't do BNOG. 
Middle name will be Ruth and last name is similar to Lane and starts with B. 
Names we like but aren't sold on are Genevieve, Cecilia and Cordelia. We're looking for a longer FN since middle and last are short. We love Isla and Alice but scrapped them due to length and poor flow. 

ETA, I also love Beatrice with the NN Bea, but it doesn't work with LN. 

Re: Sister for Henry

  • Adelaide
  • I think Cecilia Ruth is beautiful with great flow.
    also love pp suggestions of Felicity Ruth or Annabelle Ruth


    Josephine Ruth (lots of nickname options)
    Alicia Ruth (since Alice feels too short)
    Samantha Ruth
    Elizabeth Ruth
    Eliza Ruth
    Isadora Ruth
    Victoria Ruth
    Natalie Ruth

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  • Anastacia Ruth
    Elizabeth Ruth
    Vanessa Ruth
    Millicent Ruth
    Kathleen Ruth
    Ingrid Ruth

  • Cecilia Ruth is our #1 choice at the moment. 
    We're adding Anastasia and Elizabeth with the NN Eliza/Bette. Why is naming new people so hard. Ugh. 
  • Love PP suggestions Annabelle and Elizabeth.

    Carokine Ruth
    Charlotte Ruth
    Eleanor Ruth
    Abigail Ruth
    Vivian Ruth
    Eloise Ruth
    Amelia Ruth
    Sophia Ruth
    Emma Ruth
    Emily Ruth
    Sarah Ruth
    Juliet Ruth

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  • Really like Cecilia Ruth. Also like pp suggestions of Josephine Ruth or Eleanor Ruth. Also consider:

    Alexandra Ruth
    Gwendolyn Ruth
    Victoria Ruth
    Helena Ruth
    Diana Ruth
    Kathleen Ruth
    Catherine Ruth
    Louisa Ruth
  • I know a sibset Henry and Beatrice  <3

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    Baby #2: BFP 09/29 @ 11 DPO | EDD: 06/11/18
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  • Philippa 
    Wilhelmina (Willa)
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  • @goldenlola I so wish we could use Beatrice because I love the name Bea. Last name is similar to Brain, so Bea Brain doesn't work for us lol

    I also love Eloise but it's similar to my nieces name :neutral: 
    I really like Eleanor, but DH vetoed. Same with Helena, he doesn't like the matchy feeling of Henry and Helena but I think it's adorable lol
  • Alberta Ruth 
    Amelia Ruth
    Charlotte Ruth 
    Clementine Ruth 
    Constance Ruth
    Cynthia Ruth
    Eleanor Ruth
    Elisabeth Ruth
    Estelle Ruth 
    Felicity Ruth
    Hannah Ruth
    Margarita Ruth
    Ophelia Ruth 
    Penelope Ruth 
    Samantha Ruth
    Scarlett Ruth 
    Theodora Ruth
    Virginia Ruth 
  • Adding Estelle and Penelope to run by DH. Thanks!
  • Henry and ...

    Adeline Ruth
    Susannah Ruth
    Marion Ruth

  • Lorelei Ruth
    Emmeline Ruth
    Harriet Ruth

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  •  Of the ones you listed I love Cecelia the most and then Genevieve. Really just like the name Cordelia. 

    Adelaide Ruth
    Annabella Ruth
    Carolina Ruth
    Serafina Ruth
    Tallulah Ruth
    Megdelena Ruth

  • Love Genevieve 

    Vivian Ruth
    Valentina Ruth
    Annalise Ruth
    Eloise Ruth 
    Juliet Ruth
    Delilah Ruth 
    Scarlett Ruth
    Lilliana Ruth / Lillian Ruth
    Wilhelmina Ruth
    Elisabetta Ruth 
    Annabelle Ruth / Annabella Ruth
    Katerina Ruth 
    Josephine Ruth
    Jacqueline Ruth
    Julianne Ruth
    Camilla Ruth
    Evangeline Ruth
    Eliza Ruth
    Louisa Ruth
    Bianca Ruth
    Helena Ruth 
    Gwendolyn Ruth
    Matilda Ruth
    Hattie Ruth
    Margot Ruth
    Gwenyth Ruth 
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