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The things people say....

I thought this topic deserved its own thread because, let's face it, people say a whole lot of stupid sh*t over the course of this 9 month experience. Let's complain about it here.

Re: The things people say....

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  • Ugh, @kmalls - I know teasing is a common thing among friends, but how can people not realize that those comments might really hurt/bother someone??
  • @JJMNO1616 that girl CAN'T be for real?!? Why would anyone say that? Of course we are all hoping for full term babies, and she should be hoping that for you as well!!

    @frenchiekinplusone I'm with you on the karate chops. I've already yelled at both baby's grandmothers about it. When there is something worth touching we will talk, until then, don't touch me!

    @hedgepig the questions about how you're feeling: shoot me! Everyone at work keeps telling me not to lift stuff in the cooler (30pks of beer, cases of pop ect). I just want to shout, "I'm pregnant, I'm fine!"
  • @ftm_ohio Yes with the belly touching! My mom has been rubbing my belly since we told her, and I can't bring myself to tell her to stop because it makes her so happy, so I've just been gritting my teeth. It's driving me crazy! Now that there's something there, I don't think I will mind so much, but when it was just my pudgy beer belly, it was the worst! Luckily no one else has tried that ish yet...
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  • lindsye said:
    @BarefootContessa yeah your DH's entire family sounds like... well, the kind of in laws that give in laws such a bad reputation. 
    I feel like I live on the set of Everyone Loves Raymond.

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  • @ekendall09 @kaymaroo When I started telling everyone at work that I was pregnant EVERYONE said that they already suspected because I have been gaining weight. Apparently one of the male doctors started the conversation with other colleagues and everyone was literally talking about it behind my back! I had a feeling people were talking about me because I got that look from a few people (totally checking out my stomach). People were also surprised when I told them I was "only" 3 months along. One co-worker said, well you are going to be big. :|   

    @angiek1 One of my best friends is due 6 weeks before me and she just started showing. She is also stick thin so it's obviously going to take longer for her bump to become noticeable. Well my husband just HAD to point out that he couldn't even tell she was pregnant in a recent picture she posted online. He then said something really rude about how big I am. I will admit that when I got pregnant I was about 10 lbs heavier then my typical weight but wtf... I'm still pregnant and the weight isn't going anywhere anytime soon so stfu! 

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  • @JJMNO1616 well don't they sound... special? RUDE.

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    Sweet Angel Boy born too soon 12/17/17

  • @stalkinghorse your boss sounds like a treat! Did you tell him you won't be sleeping because you'll be busy caring for a new human, and won't give a "f" about your portfolio?!? What a jerk!

    @BarefootContessa I'm so sorry about you ILs! I definitely feel like I should stop complaining about mine!  I like @JJMNO1616 's advice!

    @ekendall09 even if they didn't know WHY would you say that!?!?
  • @JJMNO1616 @ekendall09 I am literally slack jawed at some of your co-workers. I also work with guys who speak without thinking... I like to pick on the guys' hair when they say things I find inappropriate. Men are so sensitive about their hair. Like oh, it's been looking thicker these days, have you been trying anything, <<smile innocently>>

    I don't understand why people (I'm saying people, but I mean men) feel so very knowledgeable about size and pregnancy. 

    @BarefootContessa I agree, @JJMNO1616 's response is pretty perfect. 
  • @stalkinghorse oh my gosh, you boss sounds like such a “dude”. Major eye roll worthy

    @BarefootContessa that would irritate me for sure!!
  • @JJMNO1616 does your husband realize that, at least for a lot of women, there's a direct correlation between how "sexy" (for lack of a better word) a woman feels and how inclined she is to participate in that activity? I feel like I need to sit him down and be like "listen dude, if you ever hope to get laid again...." 
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