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Can't help but worry..echogenic bowel and thickness in neck at sonogram?

Hi everyone. So today I had my sonogram at 19 weeks. Well, baby was facing his back towards us mostly so all we could see was his spine. We had to move around a bit to try to get good pics. Well my doc asked me if I ever heard of echogenic bowl, of course I said no. She said that bowel area in the photo looked grayish and they can't really tell or not if there was an issue, that it could just be feces. Also she mentioned something about the neck thickness but I was just A little extra shocked and all I remember is that she will do another ultrasound in 8 weeks to see how the baby grows along, because sometimes that happens and also due to his bad positioning today.. she thinks it will be ok because I did do screenings in the first trimester that came back good with low risk. I'm 25 and this is my second baby, my first was perfectly healthy and I didn't really go through these things. Also cause my old doctor didn't really care, but everything else today was good. Heart beat was normal and baby was kicking. I love my baby regardless but i can't help to wonder. Anyone go through this? How did you cope with this waiting game :/ it's making me emotional right now ;(

Re: Can't help but worry..echogenic bowel and thickness in neck at sonogram?

  • antoto said:
    Hey @sabrinakhth !

    So it doesn't sound like your OB is actually that concerned, or else they would have ordered immediate additional testing.  I don't blame you one bit for worrying but I do hope you take comfort in knowing that right now nothing has confirmed to be wrong - in fact everything could easily be just fine!  With a good heartbeat and good movement I'd say baby is doing great right now.  

    I noticed you haven't posted on this board before - so I would definitely suggest going to the intro thread and introducing yourself!  Check out the other pinned threads at the top.  TBH this probably could have gone in the ultrasound thread.
    Agreed all around. What I'm seeing on TB board is the OBs give you the worst possible outcome and make us go all crazy. Then everything ends up to be fine. Here's hoping it's the same for you too.
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  •  You could ask your physician to do an ultrasound to check if it's resolved before eight weeks.  That wait would send me into a panic, but you might be great at being patient.  Or, you could seek out a second opinion from a MFM.  I hope everything is ok and you get answers soon.
  • Sending good thoughts for you and baby!
  • kalawa said:
    Sending good thoughts for you and baby!
    thank you SO much!
  • Sending good vibes! Welcome to the March BMB!
  • Agreed with PP, just wanted to say Welcome! And so sorry that you are going through this. Like @antoto said, you doctor would have sent you for test right away if they were more concerned, but we all get it. It’s so easy to turn into a worry wart as soon as that second pink line pops up! 
  • Prayers to you and your little one <3
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