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WTF Wednesday 10/25

I don't have a fun gif to add, but let's hear it!

Re: WTF Wednesday 10/25

  • I guess I'll start :lol: my dog had surgery on her leg last year because she tore her doggy ACL. Last night, she stopped using that leg exactly like how she was when she tore it. We're taking her to the vet tonight, but she better not have torn it again! If she did, wtf surgeon I want my money back!
  • Wtf. I am so tired and still not able to have caffeine ((wtf pregnant body for rejecting it)). All I want to do is sleep and I have this toddler who is not on board. I have so much to do, I need my motivation back! Or coffee. 

    I dream of goffee. 

    @stlbuckeye132 omg. I hope it’s not that! So expensive! :cry:
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  • @mdfarmchick I'm with you! I am so tired this week, and when my husband walks by with his coffee, I just want to steal it so bad!

    WTF is with these allergies!!! I don't need this right now!
  • WTF to the baby . He decided to lie on his side during the a/s today so the tech couldn’t get all the measurements . I have get another when I go for my glucose test ....2 days before Thanksgiving. I was just hoping for that peace of mind today . Oh well . 

    @Cowboycorgi that is rude but I agree with the leftover pizza comment ...more for you ! 

    @stlbuckeye132 I hope your dogs ok !
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    @jeanbean15 you wanna share those chips? Sounds so good right now! 

    My wtf #1 are these allerhies. Can't breathe. The snoring is real. Oh and I'm guaranteed to sneeze at least 50x a day.

    Wtf #2 is having to sleep on my side. I'm a back sleeper and I'm up more at night making sure to roll myself over to my side. Grr. 
    First time Momma praying for a safe and healthy arrival. 
  • @stlbuckeye132 so glad it’s not another tear! I live in fear of an ACL tear, they are so common in pit bulls, especially little backyard bred ones who end up in shelters like my guy, and his body preservation instincts are nil when he is excited and zooming on and off all the furniture. I feel better since we finally got him insurance but I still cringe when he throws himself off the couch like a sack of potatoes because maybe somebody opened the refrigerator.
  • Ok I realize it's Thursday now, but you guys. This daycare search. I cannot. I contacted one last place to look at yesterday by email. I just heard back at 10:30 this morning about their rate, and she mentioned their earliest availability is August. I called just now to set up a tour (2 hours after I received said email), and she told me that the earliest availability is now October..... W.T.F. I can't deal.
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