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  • @bainidhedub I think that'd annoy me so much that I'd have to reply with something to the effect that I'd not received any prior notifications regarding the issue.

    My wtf goes to the online selling apps. We're trying to sell almost 1000 sq ft of vinyl planks that were left in boxes in our house that we bought (we didn't want it but decided to just sell it). I realize that since it's vinyl (not wood or laminate) it should be cheap and I have it dirt cheap. The wtf comes in with the first person responding. Either buy the floor or don't, but she's dragging her feet. I've got like 8 other people behind you who want to come pick it all up. She's now asking me to meet her 45 min away (no way I'm doing that). 
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  • @conineml whaaaatttt?! Oh hell to the no!

  • It must be a MIL trend this week...
    Mine has apparently been planning a family shower (even though I had that already...weird) at her house the saturday after thanksgiving.  I only know this because someone else told me about it, not her.  Anyway she text me last night to say sorry, apparently everyone is busy so we're not going to have a shower now.  I wanted to text back what shower, but somehow kept my shit together and just said ok.  
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