October TTGP Grad Check-In — The Bump
Trying to Get Pregnant

October TTGP Grad Check-In

Better late than never right?

*THIS POST WILL MENTION PREGNANCY, BIRTH OR BABIES. If you are having a hard TTC or TTCAL day, please read at your own discretion***

Hello old friends, good to see you!

***As a courtesy to those still TTC on this board, please do not post bump pictures here.***

If you were a regular poster on TTGP we'd love to get an update on you this month! Please tell us how you are doing! 

*How long were you active on TTGP and when?

*How far along are you?

*Which birth month board/due date?

*Team Pink/Blue/Green?

*How are you doing picking out a name? Feel free to share it.

*Questions, concerns or other? Anything else exciting to share?

September 17: 

@BecauseLove @Becky012016 @BigBadWolf12 @Cats*in*space @ChefRamsay @ColoradoHiker @daisy62103 @jillibean0871 @JNR6510 @juliebeannn @MrsVP614 @rainbowturtles @RedBreast35 @spiderlover25 @stephann85 @Sugargirl1019

October 17: 

@babymish @bluejeanbabi05 @cactusblossum @canonmom413 @crazypuglady @dinosaur @feeislove @flgirl20134 @jessafishy @virginiaham @VLillyV

November 17: 

@dragonfly87-2 @JulesDP @jess0211 @NYTino24 @swimsister @slaven @kyersten

December 17: 

@Tennis11785 @wabash15 @breezybee @CandyApple2012 @alysapuggles @stillclever17 @beary67 @ktcakes87 @LaurenEG14 @Marley629 @MJDsquared

January 18:

@SoldiersMom @Anna_1021 @mrsdaddario

February 18: 

@LadyMillil @eggplantface @ramzlau

March 18: 

@heatherdubrow @bethennyfrankel @Everycol0r @vflux33 @antoto @kmalls @Haylsbayls2 @kiki75

April 18: 

@hedgepig @saralee797-2 @lund @mispanda @justkeepswimming8 @looeeze @fishsticks-n-custard @JJMNO1616 @WillRunForWine21 @kbamomma33

May 18: 

@mileswithmyles @labgrand2012 @BertieMeetsGertie @kpc914 @charlestonchew

June 18:

@doxiemoxie212 @izza2 @icecubeinthedesert @travelingcouple @hollyyyyy @ChloandCoco @zamora_spin @catlady1215

Let me know if I missed anyone!

Me: 31 DH: 34 :heart: Married: April 2016
TTC December 2016
BFP 2/28/17 // CP 3/1/17
MFI Diagnosis: Aug 2017
BFP 11/1/17 // DS born 6/18
TTC January 2019
BFP 3/21/19 // D&C (MMC) 5/8/19

Re: October TTGP Grad Check-In

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  • @virginiaham I'm so glad she is here and you are both well! congrats!
    TTC 1/2012
    Diagnosed : unexplained infertility
    6 rounds of IUI and a MC 2/2014, rainbow twins 4/2015
    TTC #3 5/2016
    Restarted Fertility tx
    IUI 2 rounds, baby girl 12/17

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