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I know there is a multiples board, but it is pretty dead and I know there are a couple of us expecting twins. Do you know what type of twins you are having? Has your doctor asked you to see the high risk doctor yet?

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  • Hi
    Congratulations on the twins! Yes I am twin mum too. Still hard to believe. Mine are non identical, so separate placentas. I've been referred to the twin specialist but nothing is different as yet. But are you in the USA? I'm in UK so it'll probably be different to you. 
  • Yep - having twins also. Congrats to you both. Mine are di/di. I am AMA, so they have been watching me closely anyway. I don’t think my OB is sending me to anyone else.
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  • Hi there!  13+3 with di/di twins.  Each baby has their own amniotic sac.  Di/di is considered the “safest” type of twin pregnancy, but it still has its concerns.  I had a subchorionic hemorrhage at 9 weeks and have seen my OB or had an u/s every two weeks since.  Also, Baby B was measuring a week smaller than Baby A, but had officially caught up at 12 weeks.  I am only 28 and have no other complications at this time, and the term “high risk” hasn’t been thrown out there... yet (fingers crossed).
  • Yes! Thank you that board is super dead...

    I'm 13+1 with what I assume is di/di twins? My pregnancy is a product of IVF, so we know that the babies are from different embryos and in their own sacs. I just switched from my ER to an OB around week 9, and he said that since I'm having twins they want me to see the high risk specialist at least once. I also had a subchorionic hemorrhage about wk 7-9, so I had weekly ultrasounds during that time, but the OB has given me every indication that unless something 'scary' happens, that everything will be pretty normal until at least the 3rd trimester, at which point he said they'd be monitoring me more closely than singletons, but that they would schedule it as it came. 
  • **lurking from May 2018**

    We don’t have a twin thread yet and I don’t want to be that girl that keeps bringing up the fact she’s having twins haha

    Hope you don’t mind if I ask, if they have their own sacs, does that automatically mean they’re nonidentical? Or is it when they each have their own placenta? I’m still trying to figure it all out! 

    If you want me to go away, I can...just thought I’d ask! 

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  • @lincbeesmom I’m okay with you joining us!!  I have read that there is a 70/30 chance fraternal vs. identical with di/di.  Something about 2 eggs vs 1 egg splitting very early.
  • sarelizr said:
    @lincbeesmom I’m okay with you joining us!!  I have read that there is a 70/30 chance fraternal vs. identical with di/di.  Something about 2 eggs vs 1 egg splitting very early.
    Thanks! Their sacs are definitely separate just don’t know about their placenta(s) yet. This US was at around 9 Weeks.

    Havent been told to see a high risk doctor yet but our next OB appt is on the 7th  

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  • Congrats to the multiple pregnancies ladies! At the beginning of my pregnancy the tech found 2 sacs, the same size. They couldn't find anything in one and claimed it to have been twins. The other sac has disappeared and I now have one healthy baby, which is a blessing. Two would have been amazing <3
  • @lincbeesmom actually they could still be identical if they have different placentas. It's rare, but possible. If they're different genders you'll know for sure that they're not lol but yes with identical having separate sacs and/or placentas depends on at which stage they split. However, "risks" are dependent more on what they share than if they're identical, but either way they will be fun!

    @korpuskhristi I'm sorry that you lost the one, or however that worked. That's confusing to have had a second sac with nothing visible in it. SO glad that you have the one healthy one though! Counting your blessings is important!
  • @nmtay yes, it's still a blessing! I'm thrilled either way... and we just found out we're having a girl. I'm curious though... since there was 2 different sacs, what kind of twins would they have been? Same sex? Identical? I never asked my OBGYN...
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