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Crib Bedding!

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Hi everyone! 

Where are you looking at or where did you find your crib bedding? I know the big box stores have bedding, and Etsy has some, but that’s all I know!

(After seeing comments, additional note: Yes, I understand what’s safe and what isn’t, I’m just looking for retailers I don’t know about so that I can peruse their websites. I would love sheets, a skirt, a matching changing table cover and a matching quilt/blanket that I could throw on a chair for decoration.)


Re: Crib Bedding!

  • All I ever bought were crib sheets and a skirt for both of mine. All of the sets came with things we wouldn't use, and I could easily (and cheaply) purchase a few fitted crib sheets to match our theme rather than spending my time perusing a plethora of options that would cost too much and sit in the closet (see: bumpers, quilts, etc.). I found some great sellers on Etsy who would make what I wanted for our theme, and the sheets have lasted for a long time :smile:
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  • I would advise against getting a crib bedding set.  Bumpers are not safe (seriously people, don't use them) and you'll probably be gifted quilts and blankets.  All you need are crib sheets and a breathable mattress protector.  You can use a skirt too, but once the mattress is lowered you won't use that anymore.  

    I actually sewed my own crib sheets because I couldn't find ones that I liked (that weren't like $60 - I'm looking at you Etsy).  Why do most retailers feel like pastels are the only appropriate colors for babies?
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  • I also only bought fitted crib sheets. I liked carters and Circo (target) the best. I bought a few swaddle blankets that I preferred, Aden and Anais for my summer baby, and received LOTS of blankets as gifts. That’s really all you need. 
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  • I agree with above about only using fitted crib sheets. Once my girls were mobile and getting their arms and legs stuck in the slats we used a breathable mesh bumper, but that was it.
  • JBcakes08JBcakes08 member
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    This is the first I’ve heard about bumpers being unsafe. What is the reason? (Im sure it’s obvious and I’m just not thinking clearly). I didn’t know bumpers were even a thing until I was looking at cribs the other day and saw them in most of the displays.

    @becausescience I’m so impressed you sewed your own!! 
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  • We just used fitted sheets and a swaddle until he was able to roll. Then we dressed him warmly if it was chilly and light if it was hot. 
    He was 18 months old when we started letting him sleep with a small blanket (pediatrician ok’d). He will be 2 next month and just started sleeping on a “big boy” pillow and covering up with his blanket. 
    I wouldn’t buy any other bedding besides a few fitted sheets and maybe mesh bumpers. We ended up taking our mesh bumpers off because he would get his arm or leg lodged underneath, or drape a leg over top and get it stuck. 
  • @JBcakes08 AAP recommends nothing except a tightly fitted crib sheet for choking, suffocation or other safety reasons. 

    My hospital parenting/labor class nurse once said: Don’t listen to labels. Nothing is safe unless it’s AAP or FDA approved. Someone mentioned breathable and her response was: Nothing in the bed. Period. 

    Our pedi told us to wait till a year. By then, we were so much comfortable with what we were doing. 
  • @JBcakes08, crib bumpers aren't safe because baby could *TW* roll into them, get stuck and unfortunately suffocate *end TW*. I have heard the mesh ones are more safe but personally don't use them because why take the chance?

    We use a fitted sheet. Then a swaddle me for the first few months, then sleep sacks forever. DS started using a little quilt around his 2nd birthday, and now got a small pillow a few months later. 
  • lindsay5589lindsay5589 member
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    Thanks ladies! Yes, I understand what’s safe and what isn’t, I’m just looking for retailers I don’t know about so that I can peruse their websites. I would love sheets, a skirt and a changing cover and matching quilt/blanket that I could throw on a chair for decoration.
  • @lindsay5589 have you looked at Amazon? That is where I registered for all my crib sheets.
  • lindsay5589lindsay5589 member
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    @npkat For how often I’m on Amazon I’m surprised I hadn’t thought about that! Thanks :)
  • I found this company called Lewis Home that makes organic non-toxic screenprinted sheets, quilts, changing pad covers, etc. unconventional colors and themes, like rusty seaweed and blue parsnips! $35 for a sheet - not insane. Registered for these. 

  • sarahhedger7sarahhedger7 member
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    All I'm getting is a cute fitted sheet for the crib and a matching changing table cover. I ordered mine on Amazon. 
  • Omg @orbmaker Thank you for the rec!!! We’re doing a loose ocean theme and I’m loving the oyster and seaweed crib sheets. It’s been a beast finding crib sheets that I like!
  • I'll be the odd one out, I love the crib bedding. I buy right into it! We bought one that didn't have as many frills as the others (no window valance, no bumpers) but I love the crib skirt, cute sheets... we left the quilt draped over the glider till it was ok to use it. It came with a diaper stacker for the side of the dresser which I mean I wouldn't go out and buy but it was cute. I used amazon. 

    We ended up buying mesh bumpers when ds was older because he was getting too many limbs stuck. Till we watched him via monitor and he was using them to try and climb. Then we got rid of them and lowered the crib. We were untangling limbs sometimes multiple times a night. For this reason we took the side off of his crib fairly early 
  • I bought all the bedding on Amazon. I looked at some on Buy Buy Baby as well because I had a registry there - so I just price shopped. Like the other ladies, I bought fitted sheets and only started using a mesh bumper when my son was around one and very mobile around the crib. He still doesn't use a pillow at 2.5 (but he's mostly a stomach sleeper and rolls everywhere so there's no point).

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  • thanks @barrelocarol @justkeeptrying! It scares me when I think about all these little things that I don't know! 
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  • Etsy has the cutest crib sheets!  But pricey.  They are so basic to make for someone who sews, so I choose my own fabric from Joanns  and ask my MIL to make them for me.   Same with changing pad covers.

    I also have found a special quilt for each kid off of Etsy.  They aren't for use in the crib until the first year, but I use them for snuggles and for tummy time!
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  • question for STM+ 
    how many crib sheets and mattress covers do I need? Do you change the sheets like once per week unless leaks? 
    (OMG I have to be responsible now wut?)
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  • @fatstagnation I didn’t change my first crib sheet for about 7 months LOL but that’s because ds wouldn’t sleep in his crib, he slept in our bed or then PNP beside us. After that I changed weekly unless there was an incident. We rotated about 4?
  • I recommend a plush or chenille sheet with a crib skirt. For DD I put a waterproof liner, then a sheet, another waterproof liner and another sheet. That way if she peed or puked in the middle of the night I was just removing the top set and not having to fully make a bed. As she got a little older I did a mesh bumper to keep her arms and legs from getting stuck in the slats. BUT, she was never in the crib for long. We bedshared and still do. 
  • fatstagnationfatstagnation member
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    Thanks @syssa-o 4 seems reasonable. Good idea to double up @isntthatspeshul !

    Those Lewis home crib sheets are awesome. No way DH would go for the blue snake ones. :( He's the squeamish one in the family lol. 

    Here's simple DIY instructions if anyone wants them. It looks easy...

    edit cause forgot to link.
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  • @fatstagnation when DS was a baby 3-4 was plenty, I changed weekly unless there was an accident/leakage (but he also didn't sleep in the crib for 2-3 months so took that long to change the first one). I ended up buying more later because he leaks through his diapers more often than not overnight and I work full time so laundry mid week isn't feasible.

    I actually use QuickZip sheets which are more pricey but a lot faster to change.

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    This is all you'll ever need. Tell your husband I'm sorry not sorry for showing you this website. Good luck! ;)

  • the land of nod has some great stuff, including sets that are just a fitted sheet and skirt and quilt, which while it won't go in the crib, I can't get enough nice blankets in my life. I am basing the wall color off the quilt I ordered from them. I am also obsessed with the "Rookie Humans'' fitted sheets I got on amazon.

  • I have to plug Target’s Cisco crib sheet selection and pricing. $10 for pretty cute prints

    Amazon ladies - do you have any links to crib sheets of this price that were cute??
  • @fatstagnation I probably only change the crib sheet every 3-4 weeks, but when DS1 was born up through 8 months he spit up alllll the time and I would have to change daily when he slept in his crib. I would say have 3 or 4 sheets and 2 mattress pads.
  • @fatstagnation, I always get 3 of everything when they're small. My rule being: one to use, one to be ready, and one in the wash. So I had 3 sheets, 3 covers for the diaper changing station, 3 swaddlemes, etc. It seemed to work well. We only had 2 mattress protector cover things and that seemed to be enough as I wouldn't have to wash it every time we washed the sheet. 
  • Thanks everyone, for the numbers info!
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