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  • My last board moved to FB a while after babies were born too. Though I didn't end up sticking with it because there was one individual that I just could not get along with and she was very active, so that sucked. I also found trying to keep up with FB chat very overwhelming :/
  • I was on June 14 and had my girls a month early, so then I just stopped bumping all together because twins are freakin' hard.  No idea what happened to the BMB, or the private June 14 twins group we had.  I'm hoping to stay active with this board after baby is born, but who knows.  And regardless of all that, if we do have a FB group, I agree that it would come much much later on.  

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    Married June 2012
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    BFP Oct 2013- twins!  A&H born May 2014
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  • I was on BabyCenter my last pregnancy, Aug11. Though i eneded up early and my son was born in July. A small group of us(I can't remember, maybe 100, but there were thousands of ppls on the original board) split off from the regular board and created a new group on BabyCenter first. Then someone had the bright idea of taking it to FB. Roughly 60 of us moved over to FB.that was before the 20week US. Lol not sure how great of an idea that was. It got crazy. 2 or 3 ppls ended up being fake. Like they were never even pregnant. Neither tried to get money, so I wouldn't claim they were catfish, they just wanted attention. One not only faked a pregnancy with twins but also faked the loss of them after 20weeks. Another pretended hers was born early and actually stole pictures from a premie website as "proof". And another had these wild stories about her previous pregnancies, she was from Senegal, but supposedly lived in my state. My step FIL is from Gambia, tiny lil country inside of Senegal. I hope there was just a language barrier with her but others didn't trust her, she got kicked out and disappeared off the face of the earth.  She refused to post selfies and other things as proof when that topic came up. Needless to say my group became super paranoid. Huge fights happened while pregnant, two groups split off from it. I think the membership is down to about 20 now, and a few of us post sometimes. I like to use FB better than apps but I am not ready to move over there yet. I try to check in here at least once a day, but honestly, from my past fb group experiences, it's hard to truly know someone yet. I am not ready for the drama of moving a group over to FB. Maybe closer to the end of pregnancy. The paranoia was real even though it was justified in the group I was in.... it was intense. I am happy to be in here in ignorance not worrying about having to post fking selfies either showing my bump or with hand written messages on them yet. Or friending ppls on FB and realising I have to restrict them so I don't offend them or I have to unfollow them so I won't pick a fight with them. :P 
  • My June 15 group moved to Facebook around the 20 week mark. We started near 200 folks but we are now at 115ish 2.5 years in. We've been through cancer, death, homes burning down, homes flooding, unemployment, death of a child, and divorce. They are some of my closest friends and a majority have met IRL at this point. I do hope we can great something like that at some point for our May babes; it's been so rewarding. 
    This is pretty close with the june 16 bmb to fb too.  Started with 200 or so, went through many big life events in the last 2 years and we are now down to 64, the election was rough.  But I met my bff on there.  The march 11 group was very active too but I left due to differences with ative members, but miss it very much!  I'm totally down with a fb group, when the time comes.  I believe we went to fb in the 2nd trimester with june16 and after the babies were born in march11

  • I've seen a few people refer to The Bump imploding.  First time user here.. what exactly do you mean by that?
  • I've seen a few people refer to The Bump imploding.  First time user here.. what exactly do you mean by that?
    Back in late 2014/early 2015 there was a lot of drama between mods and regulars and like, half the bump left or something like that.
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  • I've seen a few people refer to The Bump imploding.  First time user here.. what exactly do you mean by that?
    Back in late 2014/early 2015 there was a lot of drama between mods and regulars and like, half the bump left or something like that.

    And I remember A LOT of graphic porn gifs. Kind of a big f*** you to the mods I guess? It was a bit extreme.

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  • Am I the only one a little freaked out by moving to FB?


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  • I have two other Facebook mom groups from previous BMBs... but I am going to need a little wining and dining before I commit to one here. I am a lady for goodness sakes!
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  • Wow. Sept. 2015 community was literally amazing. Some how mostly everyone was super supportive, kind, caring and I actually found my very good friend there. Getting pregnant again, I joined this group and reading from forums and saw some rude comments. Just naturally judgemental and unsupporting. And literally all she asked was if there was a Facebook yet for this community, how in the world that makes her a creeper or rushing anything I’m completely confused about. Jesus Christ I’m super hormonal, but this entire group is just nasty and rude. Hopefully your all realize how nasty your being and learn to come together instead of thinking your better or know more. Goodbye may 2018✌
  • Y’all are cracking me up! Wow, by Felicia! What an interesting lunch break this has been.
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