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Currently too tired to (fill in the blank)

Lately I have been too tired for pretty much everything but at the current moment it is specifically hanging up clean laundry. I want to just take a nap instead. Too bad my bed is currently covered in all the clean laundry I need to put away...

Re: Currently too tired to (fill in the blank)

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  • Like so many others, I find it impossible to even start a load of laundry.  We're surviving with disposable diapers for now.

  • I spent 8 hours at an Oktoberfest BBQ yesterday. Then woke up at 3 am this morning with a pounding headache. So today has been entirely spent in bed. 

    It seems like any time I have a full Saturday, my Sunday is completely worthless. I need to tell people I’m pregant soon so I have a good excuse to leave events at a reasonable time ha.
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