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TGIF 10/13

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Iiiiiiit’s Friiiiiiday!!!!!

What are everyone’s plans for the weekend?

btw... this is @leahcimmichael The Bump logged me in under my old account... AGAIN!  


Re: TGIF 10/13

  • Wedding this afternoon to play at but not much going on tonight.

    Tomorrow night DH and I have a pottery class that I bought as a date night for our anniversary.  Sunday I have no idea!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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  • Happy Fri!

    @vlagrl29 sounds like a fun date nite!

    We may do a corn maze. We have yet to do one of them because it’s been hot!!! Family get together on Sunday. I want to hit Michael’s. Alone.  :)
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  • Yay for Friday!! 

    DH and I are having a date night tonight, and we’re going out to one of our favorite restaurants. Since AF arrived early for me, I’m happy that at least now I get to have a drink at dinner, because they have the yummiest cocktails. 

    @sprkls8506 a corn maze sounds fun! I’ve never done one! 

    @vlagrl29 enjoy your pottery date night!
  • @vlagrl29 Pottery is so fun! DH would likely never participate in such a date night, but it would be fun for a girls night out.

    sprkls8506 Ick to the heat, but a corn maze sounds really fun. I LOVE Michael's and it's way more fun alone. If DH is with it's an in-and-out adventure. wah, wah, wahhhhhh...

    pumpkinpancake Yay to yummy cocktails, but that sucks about AF. Enjoy your date night. I love date night.

    Tonight I'm headed "to town" which is an hour away. It's where I grew up and just driving across the city line I get that I'm home feeling. I love it. Going to bum around since DH is in a tree stand right now and won't be home until pretty late tonight. Tomorrow I'm not sure what the plan is DH is working, as usual, so I might spend some time sewing. Sunday is hunting, and dang it they'd better be chasing by now! I'm sick of coming home empty-handed. It's going to be rainy and 43, so I've got my fingers crossed.

    @leahcimmichael I see your dancing pumpkin man, and raise you a dancing Wednesday Adams.

  • @ELeighMay what do you like to sew? I am in need of new fabric for some throw pillows. I just use the form and make the cover. 
  • Happy Friday.  I'm in MI tonight then going to my college homecoming tomorrow and meeting with college girlfriends 
  • sprkls8506 I can sew anything you can come up with in your mind. I used to make costumes for the state renaissance festivals, but I've done alterations, and even just fun things like quilts. It's my stress reliever. 
  • I love doing quilts but it’s rare that I finish them! 
  • We don't have anything special going on this weekend. DH has to work on Sat and DD has a soccer game. 

    @sprkls8506 Corn maze sounds fun!
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  • We are watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  :#
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  • @robyn2201 we watched it too!!
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    @ELeighMay I wish I could sew! I’m so jealous! I tried to learn once and realized I have no patience for inanimate objects! 

    I do gave patience for Halloween themed dance-offs, though  :D

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