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TGIF 10/6

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Welcome to the weekend!

What plans (fun or otherwise) does everyone have going on this weekend? 

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Re: TGIF 10/6

  • It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so I'm soooo looking forward to having a long weekend at home with the fam. We will be going up north for a couple of days to close up our summer property and enjoy some cool weather campfires, and then we're heading back to celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday. Not looking forward to seeing my sister and her newborn (same age as my first loss would have been) but I'll have to suck it up. She called me a couple of night ago to tell me that she is upset I'm ignoring her baby and wanted to know if it was going to be the same on Monday and I told her probably :#  It is what it is. 
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  • I'm heading away to a little island with some friends for a bit of biking, a lot of food and good wine for both Thanksgiving and my birthday on Sunday. Bring on the weekend!

    @tosh24 Hey fellow canuck! West coast girl over here. Happy thanksgiving to you. And good luck with your sis this weekend, that's got to be hard

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  • Happy Thanksgiving Canadians! It's weird to say that to someone in October. :)

    I drove out of my driveway this morning and the way the sunrise was coming up it was a postcard fall morning. My house is red brick and we live in town but there's no development behind us, and the leaves were all perfectly orange and red. It was so pretty. That was a nice way to start a Friday.
    My weekend plans are to hang out and do some boring things like cleaning and laundry tomorrow morning and DH and I will head back out hunting the rest of the afternoon. If I miss again this weekend I'll be steamed, and more than anything I'm determined to come home with something just so I can prove a point to the guys who've been giving me shit all week. The only bummer is that it's supposed to be closer to 60* tomorrow and that's not good for hunting. Sunday I'm stuck spending a little time with my mother, but I'm already working up excuses to keep it short and sweet. Next week is going to be chaotic so I need my Sunday to relax before it all begins.

    tosh24 I'm sorry you're in for a hard visit with your sister. Hopefully it'll go better than you're expecting and you are able to enjoy your time together. It makes for a long weekend when you're miserable, I can relate.

    40momma happy early birthday! It sounds like you have a fun time planned. You had me at wine.
  • Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

    @40momma happy birthday, lady! 

    DH sand I are finally laying our new floor. We bought all of the materials last weekend and tore up our carpet. So our house has essentially been a disaster all week. I can’t wait to get it done, put the house together, and decorate for fall/Halloween. Also, my mom just got a new puppy and I can’t wait to go over and see it this weekend! 
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  • Happy thanksgiving ladies.  

    @40momma happy birthday!

    @tosh24 I hope all goes well with your sister 

    @ELeighMay happy hunting!  I hope you get something to show those guys up! 

    @moofish2364 I hope all goes well with the floor.  Post pic when it's done. 

    As for me, I just got home from biopsy this morning.  We have no plans so just relaxing this wkd
  • @ELeighMay I live in MI and it’s supposed to be 80 this weekend! 80! That’s about 20 degrees above average for this time of year. My poor pup has really bad seasonal allergies and they’re just getting worse and worse since it hasn’t cooled off. Our trees haven’t even started changing yet and they’re usually almost done by now. 
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  • We will probably keep it low key again this weekend, but still with extensive "brunchining" and some hiking. I have to get ready for the wedding next saturday, so maybe some shoe shopping ? My old boss from east coast also asked me to give a talk about my recent research, since I will be "already there". I didn't like the idea, but then my DH told me I can totally put it on my resume as invited talk, so now I have to prepare 40 minutes talk this weekend. 

    @tosh24 I am sorry that you will have a stressful weekend, but on the other hand it's your family and you will have to face it sooner or later. I have similar situation with my pg friend and I know the longer I wait the worst it's gonna be. Good luck! And remember you can always come here and tell us everything about it.

    @40momma Happy Birthday!!!

    @ELeighMay So impressed you have a thing for hunting. Hope you get something this time! We are planning to go to a shooting range with my DH soon, which will be a first time ever to hold a gun for me.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    We don't have much going on this weekend as DH is out of town for work. Hopefully do lots of laundry. So exciting!  ;)
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  • Tonight DH and I are going out for our anniversary.  It was Tuesday but he was so busy we didn't go out that night.

    Tomorrow we have a backyard grilling patio party we are inviting friends to so during the day we need to get ready for that.  I'll need to pick up the house.  I'll just hide everything in the laundry room and shut the door lol.

    no plans sunday - but I'd like to get some pumpkins for our front porch.
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  • @tosh24 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    @40momma Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Bday!!!

    @ELeighMay  sounds picture perfect!! I love fall colors! 

    @MooFish2364  good luck with the floor!

    @Mack2342  I’m sure you’re glad the biopsy is done! 

    @vlagrl29  enjoy ur nite out!!! 

    Hoping to do some stuff outside this weekend but def not the best weather! Maybe doing the pumpkins at the zoo and DH and I might do a ghost tour or something. 

  • @tosh24 - happy thanksgiving!  I'm jealous of your single payer health system.

    @40momma - happy birthday!

    @ELeighMay - I absolutely love this time of year!

    @MooFish2364 - GL with the floor!  We finally found a landscaper that will install our rockwall.  Him and DH are going to do a little trade out so it will cost us $400 less.  Only downfall is it's really busy for him right now so it won't get done until its slower for him - Dec or Jan.

    @aga31 - GL with the talk

    @Mack2342 - GL with the biopsy!

    @sprkls8506 - have fun at the zoo
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  • MooFish2364 HOLY SMOKES! 80*? We wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if it was 80 here. I'm in MN and 60 is really warm. It's been in the 40's/50's and that's pretty normal for us for this time of year. The cold weather is better for hunting, it keeps the animals moving around more. When it's warm they just bed down.

    Mack2342 Thanks, DH and his buddies give me a hard tim

    aga31 Good luck on your talk. That's a lot of content to put together. I can do guns in a shooting range, but I stick to bow for hunting.  Hopefully we'll get lucky, my freezer is getting pretty empty.

    robyn2201 I swear my weekend is spent mostly doing chores. Hopefully you'll fit something fun in there too.

    vlagrl29 Happy Anniversary!! I hide stuff in my laundry room too. ;)
  • @ELeighMay I forgot you are a bada** bow hunter!!! Now I just picture you as this girl from hunger games :)
  • aga31 OMG, I long to be as awesome as Katniss with a bow. I'd really show up the guys then, and she uses a traditional bow. That's REALLY hard.

  • @ELeighMay It's supposed to be 97 here where we live. Yuck! Winters and spring are wonderful,  but summer and fall suck. 
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  • @robyn2201 It's going to be 97 here most of the weekend, too. I'm used to the lack of "seasons" here, but it should be about 10 degrees cooler by now. Ugh. 

    AFM, I have an extra day off for a lovely 4-day weekend. I have absolutely no plans other than yard work (gross) and Netflixing like a champ. This will actually be my first opportunity to relax and decompress after my *TW MC ended on 9/27 End TW* 

    @ELeighMay I wish I was brave enough to hunt with my DH. He was always trying to get me to go, but I almost had a nervous breakdown last month when I accidentally ran over a rabbit so he's strangely stopped asking...

    @aga31 I've never even held a gun, either, and my clients (all federal law enforcement) give me constant grief about it. I think a trip to the shooting range is a good idea! 
  • @cassafrass15 what do you do that your clients are fed law enforcement.  I'm also fed law enforcement 
  • Yay for Friday!! I’ll just be relaxing/doing chores tomorrow, but then I’m going away on Sunday for 2.5 days for a conference.  I’ll be in a new city, so I’m excited to see it and explore! 

    *TW child mentioned* I’m sad because I’ll be leaving DS overnight for the first time since he was born. He’ll be in good hands with DH, but I’ll be sad not seeing him for a couple days. On the flip side, I can’t remember the last time I had 3 days alone, which will be a bit relaxing. *end TW*

    Happy thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there! 

    @tosh24 sorry about having to see your sisters baby. I’m sure that’s rough. 

    @40momma  happy early birthday! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead! 

    @ELeighMay  I feel like weekends are always filled these days with boring things like cleaning and laundry. GL with the hunting!

    @MooFish2364 I’m sure it will be a relief to have the new flooring in. Things like that make all the difference in a room!

    @Mack2342  hope the biopsy went ok. 

    @aga31 that’s cool about your talk, and definitely something to put on your resume. 

    @vlagrl29 happy belated anniversary! That reminds me... I need to get some pumpkins to decorate my house...

    @robyn2201 @cassafrass15 ugh 97 sounds horrible! I’m so glad that it seems like we’re done with that kind of heat here. 
  • @jchpg I’ve always dreamed of seeing the Swiss alps. Maybe someday! 
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  • @Mack2342 I'm a lawyer for a federal agency! Omg I bet you know what to do with a gun - I went to FLETC in GA for some training and my clients were dying laughing when I was trying to hit the target with their little fake laser gun. I think it endeared me to them though, because since then it's been their mission to teach me how to shoot.
  • @cassafrass15 nice!  Yes I do know what to do with a gun.   FLETC was fun.  I went to the one in SC.  You should let them teach it just to say you can. 
  • @cassafrass15 LMAO, ironically thats me to a T normally,  but for some reason it's different when we're actually hunting.  I accidentally hit a raccoon with my car and burst into tears.  When I shot a deer I know it's going to feed us for months and save a ton of money. 
  • I had a low-key day with DD today (low-key for her, but I'm still exhausted). DH was took the day "off" and went rockhounding with friends. I tried to go out and buy some Halloween costumes but it was unsuccessful. Tomorrow I'm super excited to check out a pumpkin patch. I looove fall.
  • vlagrl29vlagrl29 member
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    we had our backyard party today.  One of my friends with her 3 kids came - 1 is 11 months old and a girl.  My mom was telling me I should give her baby clothes that I was saving to her.  I said yeah I still have 0-5years in our basement in storage.  My mom said - "oh your still saving them?"  I'm thinking yeah in case we have a miracle.

    eta - on the opposite side mil is asking if we'd consider adoption. I don't think she realizes how expensive it is. I told her it's more expensive than Ivf and gave her a rough figure of Ivf cost. She was shocked. 
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  • @Mack2342 I am definitely going to take them up on the offer to teach me. If for no other reason than to quiet their (fun) mockery! I teach a lot of their use of force classes, too, so I better just learn already.

    @ELeighMay Eating and saving money eating are two of my favorite things, so I totally get the inclination toward hunting for food! I think it's very cool. 

    @fishee333 We're headed to the pumpkin patch next weekend! No kids in my family, so it'll just be a bunch of adults roaming around and causing a ruckus. Still a blast. I love fall too!
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