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GTKY Tuesdays w/o 3 Oct

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Get to know you Tuesday! 


If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
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Re: GTKY Tuesdays w/o 3 Oct

  • I hope it was OK to start this... Sounded fun and light and maybe some of us (clears throat.. Me) needs a little diversion from PGAL brain. 

    If I didn't have to sleep... 
    I'd complete a lot of the WHIP sewing/crafting/crocheting pile. I wouldn't feel EXHAUSTED.. All. The. Time. I'd finally have time to read all those novels I downloaded from my ebook club over the past 5 years. And I'd take my time a bit more often with the things I'm always rushing to do. I'd have a freezer full of ready to go meals. My house would be spotless (yeah probably knot.. Who am I kidding?) and I'd spend more time meditating and exercising... Maybe. 
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  • I would spend the time when DS is asleep working on things around the house (cooking, cleaning, laundry, projects, organizing, etc) and working on me (running, Yoga, hobbies, etc) so that when he was awake, I could give him my complete attention all the time. 

    Right now when he sleeps, I sleep. So all the rest of that has to happen while he’s awake. And some days I really feel like he gets the short end of the stick :( 
  • @Dashaina we sound similar ;)

    I would sew more. And have freezer meals ready to go. Also, my house might actually feel clean and I'd get to exercise. 
    I would also get caught up on some reading 
  • DashainaDashaina
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    @meagster13 we do!!

    @BurlapandLace It's amazing how "we" get lost in the season of children.. And it's true it does feel like they get the short end of our "sticks" sometimes. I have been trying, this pregnancy, to focus on trying to be more patient and available to my Littles lately, and lord is it hard some days. Especially when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep! Like right now. Ugh. :(
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  • I'm the same, I'd either do all the house shit I wish I had more time for now... workout more... or maybe I'd move my actual work hours to overnight while everyone else was sleeping
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  • I think I would like to have a part-time job. I miss working and having adult interactions with more than just DH on a regular basis. I would also try to workout and finish the million craft projects I start but never complete. 
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  • @marcus7676 SO agree!  haha  But I do agree with everyone else too!  Sew more, do more craft projects, finish our wedding scrapbook from 10 years ago, LAUNDRY, the never ending laundry, and just organize more.  There seriously are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  
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    All are welcome!

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  • Oh maaaaaan I love sleep hahaha but if I couldn’t sleep I’d catch up on all my tv shows that I’m so very behind on. 
  • I love sleep eventhough I haven't gotten more than a few hours of sleep at a time in 2 years  (when I got pregnant with ds)  if I didn't have to sleep I'd probably have a cleaner home lol.  I'd probably plan much much more for my girl scouts, and play Pokemon Go more than I already do

  • Honestly I would probably just watch more Netflix. I'd like to pretend I'd be productive but I know I wouldn't be. I really like sleep tho so...
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  • @doxiemoxie212 watching more TV is definitely my alternative to sleeping.  Or dicking around on FB.  I'm too lazy to be too productive.

  • I'd catch up on my reading. In the quiet hours of the night would be great reading time. But all I want to do right now is sleep.
  • I would read more and keep my house cleaner... in theory. 
    I would definitely grade papers and get them back ON TIME to my students. That would be amazing! 

    I would also probably binge watch even more shows than I binge watch now haha. 
    DD is 3 and a new little one on the way! 

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  • I would draw and paint more....also exercise.  Oh! Id also try out all those recipes I see online that I never get to. Hopefully, if I never had to sleep thatd also mean by body and brain didn't feel worn out everyday. What a feeling that would be! 
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