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35 weeks contractions and spotting

hey ladies, wondering if anyone else has gone through this.. I am 35 weeks and went to the hospital last week due to timetable Braxton hicks contractions. They hooked me up to a monitor and gave me fluids, they did soke
swabs and said that I had a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis for which I never had symptoms of either. They wanted to give me a shot to stop the contractions but I declined due to side effects and they put me on monistat 7 day and an antibiotic. The contractions stopped the next day, 2 days later I started having pink spotting when I wipe and on my panty liner, along with increased Braxton hicks.. I've now had the spotting for 4 days straight mixed with discharge and increased contractions which harden my belly and also feel like period cramps. The doctor seems to think it's no big deal and that it's likely due to the infection, they said that it can cause cervical irritation and should stop within 7-10 days of treatment. I am super scared that I am going into preterm labor with this baby and they seem to feel like it's normal. They said to call back early next week if I still have the spotting and they can check me for dilation.  I'm having terrible anxiety about this.. this is my 2nd child but with the first child my water broke and I didn't have early labor contractions so I don't know what early labor feels like.. only pitocin contractions.  Anyone else experience this? If so.. was it normal or did you go into labor? 

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  • I was put on something during my first pregnancy for a yeast infection (similar to Monistat, but prescription grade; I can't recall the name). I did wind up with an irritated cervix from it and I had spotting for a week or so after treatment, but no cramping. I was about 15-16 weeks and hadn't started having BH yet, though.

    With my first, I didn't feel my early labor contractions at all. I was admitted for an induction and was surprised to learn that I was in early labor when I got there (contractions were regular and 5 minutes apart). My water broke on it's own before I started pitocin, and that was when I started to feel them, so I'm no help on that front.
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  • I'd say doctor is likely right.  Monistat 7 was terrible for me during the first trimester, they had to give me a different cream that didn't irritate me.  Best of luck with everything!
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  • Going through this now as well! My doc said the Monistat will more than likely cause spotting due to irritation.  The blood should be brown.
    My doc also has a rule of thumb "Call me while you drive over here if you have bright red blood"
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