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IVF baby

Apologies for posting twice.
Me and my partner have gone through our first cycle of IVF and it worked first time. We are so shocked! 
I'm struggling to enjoy the news due to being so worried about baby not sticking! 
It would be nice to chat with anyone that's gone through IVF if there's anyone on the app that has? 
Good luck to everyone, it makes me so happy reading everyone's stories.

Re: IVF baby

  • Sending all the vibes for a sticky bean!!!
  • **Lurking - but hoping to join the June 2018 soon**

    We are  waiting on our positive results from a transfer 7 days ago. This is our 2nd, through IVF with PGS. We are awaiting testing on Thursday ( 9 days post transfer) for our first BFP. 

    Our first was born Sep 2015, and she is great! I am old hat at this stuff, so please ask away... 
    Mama to a wonderful DD - Sep 2015, Wife to my DH since 2011, 2 dogs, a cat, and hoping to add No. 2 in May/June 2018. Canadian.
    5 - IUIs, 3 - IVF retrievals, 2- failed transfers (fresh, and frozen), PGS on second IVF resulted in 1 perfect emby, and DD. 
    3rd IVF w PGS resulted in 3! perfect embys. 1st transfer - Sep 2017 2 more on ice. 
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  • *lurking from Feb 18*

    Congratulations! So far my only indication that my IVF pregnancy will be different than any other is that I get more ultrasounds, but I may have already been eligible for those because I'm also AMA. You could start a weekly "PG after IF" thread to talk about things like drug protocols or scans, and I'm sure more IVF mamas will join in as they get their BFPs. You should also intro on the Intro thread and join in all the discussions because there are so many fun aspects to pregnancy to discuss!
    Me: late 30s | H: early 30s
    TTC #1 since April 2015
    RE Dx: Fibroids, surgery Jan 2016
    IUI #1 and #2, Nov/Dec 2016, BFN
    IVF March 2017: ER - 5R/3M/3F, 1 PGS normal
    Polyp removed May 2017
    FET May 2017 - BFP!
    Baby boy born 2/2/18

  • @rachielaw welcome! Congrats on your BFP! I'll ditto what @eggplantface said; definitely intro and start a PG after IF thread. If you check out one of the previous BMBs (April, May, etc.) that have had a bit more time to get up and running, you'll see there is definitely a lot of participation in those threads typically. Additionally, I wanted to encourage you to check out this: https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12717352/read-this-first-board-organization#latest  

    We are still probably waiting on at least half of June to get their BFPs so it still seems a bit slow around here, but it will pick up, it always does. :) 
    Me: 30 // DH: 30
    TTC #1: July 2016
    BFP - Sept 2016 // MC - Sept 2016
    TTC #1 (version 2.0): May 2017
    BFP - Sept 2017 // EDD - June 2, 2018 // DD born June 6, 2018
  • I am 7dp5dt FET and I'm scared too. I got my first BFP 4dp5dt on cleat blue digital and two frers.  I had very light spotting today and mild cramping.  I'm super hopeful, but my beta isn't til Monday so I'm cautiously optimistic my numbers will be good and ill hold on to my little ones. 
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