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What should be in my hospital bag ?


  • A few different size outfits for baby to come home in
  • I packed in a few items already, just wanna add extra comfy pjs and maybe another nursing bra after purchase. I only have one. I also packed for about 3 to 4 days since I'm most likely ending up with a Cesarean. 
     The travel size minis at the stores are wonderful!

    I've included:
    Travel size:
    - shampoo and conditioner. Plus an extra one. Long hair! 
    -dry shampoo
    -body wash
    -compact toothbrush that folds for travel 
    -face scrub
    -mameup removes wipes great for oily face!
    -hand and body lotion for dry skin
    -lip balm
    -cotton swabs for ears 
    -hand sanitizer 
    (Was able to pack that all in a small makeup bag considering size! And stick it in my hospital bag/baby bag)
    -Wipes to feel fresher down there haha 
    -a few long overnight pads. (I know they provide them but just in case too!)
    -breast pads for leaks 
    -nursing bras (2)
    -regular bra
    -sleeping night gown 
    -regular pair of loose pjs 
    -super comfy cotton socks (2)
    -extra charger for my phone

    For Baby!
    -receiving blanket for baby 
    -a swaddle 
    -2 nice colorful onesies with long sleeves and a hat (live in Chicago don't know if it'll get chilly!)
    -2 plain white onesies
    -mittens so no scratches

    So far all i have included!

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  • Me:
    Underwear, nursing bra, toothbrush/paste, shampoo, deodorant, socks, hairbrush/tyes, pads, going home outfit, nursing pads, snacks, ipad/music, phone/charger, towels and bucket for car, birth plan, emergency numbers and info.

    3 x onsies in different sizes, hat, gloves, socks, light wrap, blanket, diapers, wipes.

    18mth old:
    Diaper bag, snacks/toys, stroller.


    I'll be leaving birth center 4hrs after birth and won't have visitors, so keeping it light! 

  • Pack toiletries that you would use if you were packing an overnight bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, etc).
    For me I packed a nursing bra and nursing night gown to wear in the hospital. From what I can remember, the doctors and nurses are often coming in your room to check "down there", so pants might be an inconvenience.  I also packed a comfy outfit to wear home.
    For baby I have pajamas, an outfit, blanket, and car seat cover.  
    Also don't forget a phone charger.... people will be calling/texting a lot.  The hospital should provide a lot of things such as diapers, undies, pads, swaddles for baby, snacks. 
  • Extension cord! All of the outlets were so far away from the hospital bed!
  • gheti said:
    Extension cord! All of the outlets were so far away from the hospital bed!
    Omg yes!  Totally forgot about that. 
  • Something to think about would be breaking your stuff into bags according to when you will need it. You need most of the stuff after delivery and when you are getting ready to go home. I make up a labor bag that has a nursing bra, some toiletries like brush and hairbands and electronics like phone cord and cameras. Then an after delivery bag since most hospitals move you to a different room. That bag would have going home clothes for you and baby, the rest of your toiletries.  

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  • I am a minimalist so I packed:
    me: phone charger, medical card, labor gown, and comfy outfit to go home wearing. (Hospital provides all the basic toiletries, in the beginning it is easiest to just pull the gown aside and feed.)
    Baby: 2 outfits (NB and 0-3) and car seat. . Diapers, wipes and onesies are provided by the hospital. 
    Dad: couple of snacks and his phone charger. 
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  • You don't need much.  I over packed with my first.

    Lip balm, because hospitals are so dry.
    Shampoo, conditioner
    Face wash
    Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
    Going home outfit for baby
    Going home outfit for you
    Crocs or something similar for walking in hospital
    Nursing bra

    Remember, you'll be bleeding, so you may not want to wear the cute pajamas or robe you packed.  I did not wear mine.
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