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Feeling run down

I'm new to this discussion forum but I'm wondering have any of you been feeling super run down before your due date? I've approx two weeks to go and I've gotten a cold sore and sty on my eye and just feel exhausted constantly. Just wondering if anyone else is feeling this way and how can I feel someway better

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  • That all sounds pretty normal to me... I'm 3 weeks away from my due dates and I sleep poorly and my temper is pretty uneven these days. Try to rest if/when you can. I find that if I can take a nap in the middle of the day (not often but it happens) I feel much better: I sleep way better during the day than at night, when I can toss and turn for one or two hours, uncomfortable and unable to fall asleep. It sucks that our bodies don't know to get as much rest as they can before getting hit with even more sleep deprivation when the baby's here, but sadly, it's fairly normal. Good luck!!
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  • Yeah, the last few weeks of pregnancy is exhausting, uncomfortable and frustrating.  I'm so impatient right now, trouble sleeping, aches and pains etc. I am always ready to sleep but my toddler wakes 4 times a night and needs entertaining all day as my husband is away for work. He started teething again today... took 3hrs to get him to sleep!

    Also, if you have a cold sore your immune system must be a little low. That doesn't help your mood or energy levels either - 

    All we can do is rest as much as possible, try to minimize stress, keep up with healthy food, water and prenatal vitamins, exercise and find a distraction from playing the waiting game.

    Having said that... I'm getting about 5hrs sleep a day and right now I'm eating a bowl of ice cream at midnight and haven't had my vitamins for 3 days, lol. I'm due tomorrow but cervix still closed... and bubba is BIG...
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  • I'm only at 6 months and I feel run down.  
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