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Weaning toddler

So, I was going to let my daughter self wean but she had other plans and It's was driving me crazy. She was still waking up 5-6 times a night to nurse, so almost 2 years out and I was still not getting any sleep. I have also had hip issues since her birth so, while night nursing I am awake because my hip starts to hurt when I'm on my side. Fast forward to Friday. My husband has been pushing me to wean her. She's only been night nursing for the last few months. On the advice of a friend I cut her off of night nursing cold turkey. She threw one huge fit at 3 am the first night and has non verbally asked a handful of times (nuzzling my chest, we cosleep) but falls asleep quickly when I've turned her down. Last night was the first night she slept through. She woke ones said "mama" I told her I was there and she went back to sleep. So, things seems to be going good except for 2 issues. 1. I am having feelings of guilt because I didn't let her self wean and because the first night was traumatic on both of us, and 2. She is now throwing a huge fit when it's time for a nap or time to go to bed. She has never done this before and had always been very easy to put to sleep. It seems like now the only way I can get her to fall asleep is to leave her by herself and let her cry it out or she will not stay down. I am not a cry it out type of mama... does anyone have any advice on how to get her to go to sleep without the huge fit. Is there something else I can try? 

Re: Weaning toddler

  • Sorry this is tough on you! I also weaned earlier than I wanted (21 months) due to pregnancy so I get the guilt feeling. She still asks sometimes now but I found laying her on my chest and cuddling is a good replacement. I think mine missed the momma baby bonding time than she did the actual milk. I still tears about once a month and the last time I gave in she actually forgot how to latch and just fell asleep laying on me doing skin to skin. We also do about 10 mins of story time in bed or singing songs until she falls asleep which is about how long she use to nurse until she passed out to help replace that part of our night time routine. Best of luck, it gets better!
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