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Toddler troubles...

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Hello ladies!!

I haven't been here in forever! Hope everyone is doing well!!

Anyone know the best way to curb super loud screaming when your kiddo is told no? 

We we are in the terrible twos and he's not even two. He will literally scream and throw a tantrum every time he's told no. He mainly does it to me as it's just him and I through out the week nights until my husband gets home at midnight. 

We just moved over into a new condo and I'm afraid his screaming will upset our neighbours. 

Any tips? I'm struggling to deal with it and at this point I feel like I'm a terrible mom and like my kiddo hates me..

Re: Toddler troubles...

  • I would say ignore him when he does this and let him scream and throw a fit. Eventually he will learn that screaming doesn't get him anywhere and he will stop. We did this and it worked pretty well. He still throws fits sometimes but it's usually when he is tired. I hear you on the momma thing. He never throws fits for anyone but me...
  • We are going through the same and trying to do time outs now, for two minutes, and then talking about why she is on time out etc. 
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  • I think they can pick up on when you don't want them to scream and do it louder. Stay clam and ignore it it till she stops. If she's throwing a fit over an object I take it away and tell my daughter she can have it back when she calms down. 
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