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Hank! The good & the bad!

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  • I really like it for every age. I would only use it as a nn for Henry though.
  • I'd also use it as a nickname for Henry, but I love it!
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  • Cute as a nn 
  • I like Hank but also prefer it as a nn for Henry

  • I love the name Hank either as a stand alone or a nn for Henry
  • My son's name is Henry and he gets called hank by FIL. It's pretty adorable on a toddler and ages well, I think it sounds good as a stand alone name or a NN
  • Love it, but prefer it as nn for Henry. It's on our list, but last name begins with Ha and I think it's too much...
  • I love it as a NN or a stand alone!
  • It's cute but see it as a nn only.
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  • I love Henry but Hank is just not cute to me... 
  • I love Henry but Hank is just not cute to me... 
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  • Love Hank!!
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  • I'm not a huge fan of single-syllable names.  I'm okay with Hank as a nn for Henry.  

    Honestly, though, it seems a little trendy.  Kind of the boy name equivalent of the "little old lady" names for girls that are so popular now.  It seems like a forced attempt to be old-fashioned and off the beaten path.  This may not be what you have in the back of your mind, but it's what a lot of other people may think.
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  • I think of Hank Hill!  Not a reason to kick the name to the curb, though. 
  • Thanks for the input, pretty much how I feel. It however is about the only name we both like enough to be okay with it if we use it! The days are limited hopefully under five! So if you have any other idea along the lines of Hank, feel free to share! 
  • Gus

  • I strongly dislike Hank. I don't like how it looks or sounds and it has a country/redneck feel to it for me. BUT I also don't like Henry, which I know is very popular. 
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