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Success after IF

New here :) FET PGS question!

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A little backgroubd. Got pregnant on my own in March of 2015. Early MC at 8 weeks

last May I started fertility process. Everything seemed good with my husband and me..just low AMH levels. (Low for 31)

had 4 failed IUIs....did an IVF cycle . Had 6 embroys 3 made it to 5 day blast. Froze one implanted stuck...MC at 8 weeks (abnormal embryo Down syndrome ) 

just did IVF again in February this time I opted for the PGS since both of my MC resulted in abnormal embroys . I was able to test my frozen one. Since my low AMH I only produced 4 embroys . Only one made it to 5 day however I tested both and both were normal! Just did the transfer last week and decided to transfer both! 

My my question is ..has anyone else gone through something similar and gone on to have a successful pregnancy . My Doctor said everything seems to be in my favor ...perfect embroys ...good lining...however I can't stop worrying! 

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    Don't worry! You have been given so much more information than anyone has until later in their pregnancy that baby's DNA is normal. This means a huge increase in likelihood of pregnancy (but also depends on your clinic). For us it was 70% live birth rate after PGS normal, 10% mc 20% no pregnancy. 
    It's very hard to find info on success after PGS and a positive pregnancy test. However it's known genetic issues account for about half of miscarriages. However PGS isn't a definitive test on all the details of every gene, so with a normal test I see it as a general sense that genetic causes of mc as much lower with a pregnancy. 

    We had 12 embryos total from 2 rounds, our first round all 4 arrested before transfer. The second round 8 looked strong at day 3, and then at day 5 morning they said only 1 was a good quality blast and could be transferred! We were so sad, and planning to freeze & test but with only 1 would do the transfer. During the transfer they said that 1 embryo was still developing but they weren't sure of the outcome. Later that afternoon after our transfer we got the call that 2 made it to be frozen, we were surprised and so excited. They weren't as good "quality" as the fresh one though. We had a BFN and then days later had the call that the 2 frozen were both genetically normal. It was a highlight of my life. I never expected that outcome with all we went through and were told. We transferred one and are pregnant for the first time. 

    I hope you can have the confidence with PGS, that's part of what we're paying for right?! We can't change anything, but knowing they are normal and which to choose can really help. You should be very likely with these two, I'm looking forward to your reply. 
    I'm so sorry you had a mc, all the negatives can be so hard. 

    I always wonder why the fresh one didn't work out.. and if they were normal or not. The lab seems to say despite looking great quality they probably weren't normal and that's the most suspected cause of infertility and mc, next would be uterine and hormonal issues and with those covered hopefully everything is just right for those embryos of yours. 
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