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Waiting Room Wednesday - September 20

***General TW that this thread might contain discussions mentioning MC and loss.***

Welcome to Waiting Room Wednesday!

You can express your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations on not TTC and connect with others who are in the same boat. TTC can be a long journey, and having to wait makes it feel even longer -- even if it is for a good reason. I invite you to resurrect this thread at any point in the week if you have something to say. Treat this like an ongoing conversation.

Benched = involuntarily not NTNP/TTC and "out of the game," usually due to medical reasons

TTA = avoiding pregnancy by using protection or FAM, usually for non-health-related reasons __________________________________________________________________

Are you benched or TTA?

What brings you here?

How long do you think you'll be here?

How have things been going?

Any R/R?

GTKY: How many languages do you speak?
Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
Diminished ovarian reserve
BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020

Re: Waiting Room Wednesday - September 20

  • Are you benched or TTA? TTA!

    What brings you here? Conversation while we wait to start.

    How long do you think you'll be here? We're hoping to start next month, but I'll most likely stick around once we have.

    How have things been going? They've been okay. We're having a lazy couple of days at home, which has been nice. A couple friends of mine got a glitch email from Amazon saying that someone bought something from their baby registries, when neither of them are pregnant, and I'm very glad it hasn't happened to me.

    Any R/R? I don't know why, but I've been absolutely exhausted lately. There's just no way around it.

    GTKY: How many languages do you speak? One and a half, really. I speak fluent English and some German. I took it in school, but have forgotten most of what I've learned.
    Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
    Diminished ovarian reserve
    BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020
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  • Are you benched or TTA? Benched

    What brings you here? Conversation

    How long do you think you'll be here? Hoping the next month or two we'll be off the bench, will find out next week

    How have things been going? Meh

    Any R/R? Not looking forward to DH being OOS next week, especially since  *TW* DS has been a terror lately with tantrums. I may be paying my mom a lot of visits. Also last Friday when we were at a consignment store DH and DS found a cute Elmo toy the was $1 so he told DS he could have it. I am normally ok with talking kids toys I can tune then out or just get used to them, they don't bother me. This toy however after 5 minutes I want to pull my hair out and use it to plug my ears. OMGoodness worst toy ever! END TW**

    GTKY: How many languages do you speak? Does toddlerees count LOL. Just English. I would like to learn Spanish and French though
    Me: 35 DH: 47

    DSS: 20
    DSD: 17
    DS: 4(Nov'14)
    MMC: 1/18
    BFP: 2/7/19 EDD:10/16/19

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  • Are you benched or TTA? TTA til December

    What brings you here? Good conversation during the waiting period.

    How long do you think you'll be here? Waiting til December, but will stick around the board after too.

    How have things been going? Doing alright - things have been busy and I'm a little worn down this week.

    Any R/R? In the last week there have been so. many. pregnancy announcements on FB. I'm glad for them, but not gonna lie, also a bit jealous. Plus an invitation to a baby shower came in yesterday, although that one doesn't bug me much cause it's for a long-time family friend who I'm very happy for. But yeah, baby stuff everywhere!

    GTKY: How many languages do you speak? Just English. I took Spanish all throughout high school and college, I was never fluent but for a while there I was pretty good. Since I haven't practiced at all since then I've lost a lot of it and can't speak it worth anything, but I can still follow a conversation.

    @dreamscapes_ October is just around the corner!
    @kindbytealikat Here's hoping you won't have to be benched too much longer. FX for a good appt next week.
  • @kindbytealikat Is there any chance of taking the batteries out and just being like "Oh, no, honey, Elmo stopped working! You can still play with him, though!" My best friend does that sometimes with her kids' toys when they drive her crazy. Hopefully your DH's time OOS will go quickly and he'll be home soon. And that you can have some respite with your mom. Duolingo is a pretty good language app, if you're in the market for one :)
    Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
    Diminished ovarian reserve
    BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020
  • Are you benched or TTA? TTA :( while I heal from my knee surgery and we fix up the house to sell

    What brings you here? conversation, confirmation I haven't totally lost it, snark lol

    How long do you think you'll be here? ugh, forever!!! Probably at least a year TBH....

    How have things been going? the last week or so has been rough.... I hate Facebook lol, see below

    Any R/R? @diaphenagirl same
    ... literally 7 people on facebook have either had a new baby or announced they are pregnant..... I know I should be excited for them, and I am.... but seriously, can we just stop!!! I also have this ridiculous fear that my sister in law or brother in law are going to beat us to the punch and I don't know why that thought makes me so angry, but it's really been weighing on me lately.

    GTKY: How many languages do you speak? 3 actually. English fluently, and enough Spanish and sign language to be able to translate at work (I'm a nurse.) Unless you count snark, and then in working on becoming fluent in a fourth lol

    @dreamscapes_ you're so close!!!
    @diaphena it wouldn't let me tag you above lol
    @kindbytealikat fingers crossed you're pulled off the bench soon!!!
  • @diaphena Thankfully, I haven't seen any pregnancy announcements this week. I absolutely understand that emotion, though. It's complicated and not exactly a warm, fuzzy feeling.

    @jurassicsarp My sister actually got pregnant literally the weekend after my wedding (without planning or wanting a second kid). When my mom told me, I had to hand the phone to DH and go in the other room. So... Yeah, I also absolutely understand that. I think snark should count! I speak sarcasm and snark as well :D
    Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
    Diminished ovarian reserve
    BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020
  • TTA

    Here for the conversation with people who feel the same as me.

    We plan to start trying in November!! So close!!

    Things are going good! I mentioned to a friend last night that we plan to start trying for #2 soon, and she jokingly made the comment "wait for me!" I guess they plan to start trying next year! Part of me does want to wait because it would be awesome for our kids to grow up together, but at the same time it messes with our timeline and idk if I could actually wait that long lol.

    No r/r

    GTKY: just English. I took French in high school and part of college, but I haven't used it in so long. I'd love to be fluent in French though!
    DS1 born 2/28/16
    DS2 due 12/12/18

  • @jurassicsarp I have the same thoughts about DH's brother and his wife sometimes!! I have no idea what my problem is, like part of my brain goes, "omg what if they beat us to it?!?" and then another part answers "Umm that'd be very wonderful news and you'd be an aunt to a cute baby?" lol.

    @CecilB93 It's amazing how fast we lose the language skills from high school/college... like I really used to be decent at Spanish and now just a few years down the road it's gone. Also, I don't think I could hold off TTC for a friend to start... :)
  • Are you benched or TTA? TTA

    What brings you here? Conversation!! 

    How long do you think you'll be here? Two more months - so many of us have just a few more months to go! 

    How have things been going? Great! We had a lot of late wedding gifts come to the house the last few days and we're now surrounded by boxes! It's great and frustrating all at the same time.

    Any R/R? Rant: Next week is my last week at the office until I start working part-time from home. My boss took a couple days off this week and is out travelling all next week. It's frustrating because it's really unclear about what he expects me to cover while working out of the office on limited hours. I'm trying not to worry too much about it - I was ready to quit completely, so... 

    GTKY: How many languages do you speak? Only English. Though I can understand and speak a little Spanish.

  • Are you benched or TTA? TTA til January!

    What brings you here? Conversation.

    How long do you think you'll be here? Hopefully not too long.

    How have things been going? Pretty good. My best friend is coming down to stay with us for the weekend and I'm so excited because I haven't seen her since the wedding and it will be the first time we have someone stay over in our new home.

    Any R/R? I'm sad that I'm such a procrastinator.

    GTKY: How many languages do you speak? English, Spanish and like pre-k level French lol. 

    Me: 25  DH: 27
    TTC #1: 1/18
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