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HDBD 9/13

Let's share those baby bumps loves!!!!! My little guy is 6lbs 2oz my little girl is 5lbs 5oz. I'm 36 weeks 70% effaced and NOT dilated!! 

Re: HDBD 9/13

  • @yasandson ohmygoodness!! I feel like mines dropped soooooo low. You look like a pregnant goddess! Baby will be here before ya know it girl!! 
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  • yasandsonyasandson member
    edited September 2017
    @twinning2017 seeeeeee! The fact that my bump is still high is exactly why i havent asked to be checked just yet lol. Ill just patiently (not so much) wait until he is ready lol.
    You look like a double pregnant goddess :p ❤️

    Edited to add @abaume that belly def popped ❤️
  • @yasandson oh yeah and I am definitely carrying lower this time. Glad you are staying high and tight. Lol!!!
  • @yasandson you're so sweet!!! <3 
    @abaume beautiful momma!! Are those maturity pictures or just snapshots that were taken? 
  • @tyannej you're rocking that baby bump! I bet you can't wait to meet your little one :)
  • @twinning2017 thank you! I cannot wait! :) 
  • @twinning2017 no they are just pics my mom took. I have a photographer friend who did that same shot when she was pregnant and I amateur  copied her. Her pics were so cute. I did maternity photos last time. I loved them but didn't think I could top them so skipped it this time. You look beautiful btw!
  • @abaume I took some this time around with my son. When I did my pictures with my first you could barely tell I was pregnant. So this time you could definitely tell lol. But goodness, they're so good if you ever wanted to you could pass them off as maturity pics ;) lol and thank you! 
  • @twinning2017 I would love to see your pics if you feel like sharing. I love maternity pics, they are so goddess like
  • @abaume I have a few of them, in one my face look super weird lmao. But of course I'll share!!!!! 
  • @twinning2017 those are adorable and I love your little guy in them too! What a cutie!
  • abaume said:
    @twinning2017 those are adorable and I love your little guy in them too! What a cutie!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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