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Getting ready....

Anyone around??? Excited? Nervous?  


Re: Getting ready....

  • Excited! Eager anticipation. 
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  • Overly excited!! I want him to keep cooking but in the meantime i just cant wait to see his face!! Aaaaaaand im terrified of labor while being totaly confident our bodies were made to do this..... One word i guess : overwhelmed lol 
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  • Ready to go I suppose! Nervous and excited and anxious as well! Good Luck to all of you ladies and God Bless is all! 38 weeks tmr and RCS booked for 29th Sept! On my due date...2 weeks to go...
  • Excited to meet my baby and kind of ready to be done pregnant LOL...but at the same time this is probably my last baby so kind of sad to have it end.
  • I'm so excited! I'm over being pregnant at this point and I'm a little nervous about labor, I'm just hoping everything goes smoothly. 
  • I am extremely excited.  This is our last one, we got four at the house.  I am ready to be done, on my feet all day doesn't help.  Need to get the house ready for the newest addition.
  • I'm so excited! I can't wait to meet him but am anxious about when he'll come. I'm a planner so this not knowing and anticipation thing is hard for me...but yet I like it!
    I need to do some deep cleaning!
  • Anxious, exited, scared, nervous and overall a big overwhelmed mess.  This whole thing is totally new for me.  Just want my little man to be happy and healthy.
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