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Dealing with the "Daily Grind"

How do you deal with the daily grind?  I'm about to turn 35, and our son is about to turn 1.  I'm having issues dealing with this.  It seems there's never enough time to complete even daily tasks.  I pick my son up a 4:00, I'll maybe run an errand or two, or sometimes not.  My wife gets home about 5, 45 Min after I do.  I'll get home, and try to check something simple (Under 1 hour things) off the honey do list....and next thing you know we're eating dinner at 7:30!  It feels like this happens EVERY day and it's getting very tiresome.  It makes me cranky and somewhat difficult to deal with too and that only makes things worse.  Does anybody have any tips that may make dealing these tasks simpler?

Re: Dealing with the "Daily Grind"

  • What kind of tasks are you talking about? 
    Babies and toddlers are hard. They need to be held/fed/nappies changes, they fall over, get into things they shouldn't and want to "help" with whatever you're doing. So basically everything takes 10 times longer.

    I have a 6 yr old, 4 yr old and 7mth old. I'm currently  a SAHM but when I'm at work, I am like you and generally get home around an hour before my DH.

    I have a few things that I do to keep on top of things:
    -always put the machines to work first. ie put on the washing machine/dryer/dishwasher first so that even if you get distracted at least something is getting done.
    - If I'm going from one room to another I take anything that can be tidied away with me. dishes to the kitchen, rubbish to the bin,dirty clothes to the laundry etc.
    - In terms of meals I try and do a lot of vege prep in one go, so I'll have a container of chopped veges in the fridge that I can grab as I need. I also cook double batches and freeze for those nights when I can't face cooking.
    - I turn chores into a game for the baby, so I fold laundry while playing peek-a-boo or put it away while playing chase.
    -I'm realistic about some jobs being next to impossible with a baby. i'm not going to come home from work and be able to do heaps of gardening, or paint a wall whilst also looking after a 1 yr old.
    - If baby is sleeping then I move like the speed of light to get chores done. It''s amazing what you can do in 30 minutes if you basically run.
    - You might like using a carrier to keep baby with you and out of the way while doing jobs.

    Basically babies are hard, and completely get in the way of doing "other stuff" the sooner I accepted that the easier it was for me on the days when I didn't get through my "to do" list. Best wishes to you.
    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

  • This is an struggle forever.

    Im a huge petrolhead with 7 motorcycles and (former) racer.  I only say former as I dont know that I'll ever be able to get back to racing as there is no time!


    Im also an avid triathlete and have been able to complete a few since my son was born but I have to get up at 4am to train - but that's what you've got to do. 

    I also love movies so, same thing, up at 4.  Work on a bike?  Up at 4.

    It's the theme of parenting - if you need something, you just need to go harder
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