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My wife and I are at about 9wks after multiple miscarriages we saw a heart beat at the first ultrasound.  I was overjoyed I fought back tears.  But now i'm just nervous because of our history.   The prior mc we didn't make it past 6 weeks, we are at 9 and have our next appointment at the end of next week.  Still need to schedule the Nucl? test which should be done between next week and the week after.  But i'm just nervous about the thought of another possible mc.  We've done all the tests and by all accounts this shouldn't be happening.. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this.

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  • Hey, not a dad or dad to be, but I thought I might offer you my 2 cents. Earlier in my current pregnancy I experienced bleeding and passing of what I thought was the baby. I went to the doctor and she let me know that once you hear/see a heartbeat your chances of a miscarriage go down to something like 5%. I hope that everything is going well for you guys and you are able to be less worried and enjoy the experience.
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    Thank you @karlimonster  we just went for our NUCL test and heard the Heartbeat a HUGE relief, the doctor said everything is going well another huge relief.  Taking it day by day at this point. but according to the dr. all is well.   You are correct that once you hear the heartbeat chances go down to almost nothing but the thought is always in the back of our heads.  Something I can't shake until I am holding the little one.

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  • @johnnydro that doesnt get better.  It's actually gets harder when they are born as now you're responsible.

    My wife and I were lucky enough to have two healthy children but I still worried about our son until he was about 2 years old.  Now he is four and I can barely run after him...
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