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Middle name for baby boy, Dylan

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We are considering Dylan as the first name. Which name do you like best for middle name? Runner up name in comments would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

Middle name for baby boy, Dylan 46 votes

Dylan Grey or Gray
15% 7 votes
Dylan James
56% 26 votes
Dylan Arthur
23% 11 votes
Dylan Arlo
4% 2 votes

Re: Middle name for baby boy, Dylan

  • Second choice for me is Dylan Arthur. Strongly dislike the "Gray/Grey" trend
  • Voted James, Arthur is second 

    So over Grey. 

    Love Arlo but it doesn't flow great although I do like it a lot reversed Arlo Dylan

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  • Voted Arthur, it's refreshing. Love James but it's very popular and kind of boring now if it's not a family name. 
  • Dylan James is my favorite although I agree that it is slightly boring.

    Dykan Arthur would be second.
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  • I picked Dylan James first just because it flows really well but it is super common. Second pick would be Arthur 
  • 1st pick: Dylan Arthur
    2nd pick: Dylan James
  • Thanks everyone! 
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