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Sister Names - Lillian & Vivian

We have a Lillian Grace and due with another baby. Trying to come up with a girls name. We love the name Vivian. Is Lillian and Vivian to similar for sisters?? 

Re: Sister Names - Lillian & Vivian

  • It's a bit rhymey to me but it's not terrible. 

    Maybe Viviana? You can still use the same NN, but their given names won't rhyme
  • It would be too similar for my tastes. But I know several people who full on rhymed their kids' names. It's not as bad as that, at least. 
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  • I wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't be bothered if someone else did. Do you use nicknames at all? Because if you have Lily and Vivian, or Lillian and Viv, that makes it much better. My sister named two of her sons Nathaniel and Daniel, but the oldest goes by Nate anyway, so you don't even think about the rhyming
  • Yes, Lillian goes by Lily. And probably Vivi or Viv as nickname for Vivian. 
  • I also think it is rhyme-y but it doesn't bother me.  Vivian is a beautiful name.  Lily and Viv are adorable NNs. Congrats!
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  • I love the names, but I wouldn't do it. Too rhymey.
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  • Eh, I've seen worse.  They are similar, but I wouldn't side eye your sibset. I say use Vivian anyway if it's THE NAME for you.  
  • I love it 

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  • Thanks everyone!!!
  • I like them together especially with the nicknames.
  • Meh, if you like Vivian, use it!  It's a beautiful name!
  • I like Lillian and Vivian, especially with nicknames Lily and Viv
  • No, they're not too similar.  I like the names!
  • No, they go well together 
  • way too similar

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