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Saliva ovulation test

Has anyone tried this, and if so, do any of your REs recommend it as a reliable test? I'm using it and I love it, it works great and totally beats POAS!!! I forgot to ask my RE and just wanted to get some opinions. If it's not recommended, I'll go back to POAS :( 

Re: Saliva ovulation test

  • I have never heard of such a thing! Def sounds better than POAS... looks like i'm going to see what Dr. Google has to say about them lol...
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  • It's fascinating and it really works!! But for the sake of being compliant with Dr's orders, I think I'll still POAS, just won't start until I get confirmation that I'm about to ovulate from the saliva test. At the very least it will save a ton of money on sticks!!!
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  • Ive done both saliva ferning and cf ferning. I like to use it along with opk's. OPK's give you an idea of when you are starting to surge. Saliva and cf will confirm peak fertility.

  • Man this would be awesome to use if they work!! This may be a silly question, I'm a newbie to IVF and am about to start my first round - do drs generally have you do OPKs throughout IVF to monitor ovulation as you stim? 
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  • @loverin No... usually you don't need to as you will be having bw and ultrasounds throughout stimming and you will be triggering ovulation with a hormone shot instead of ovulating naturally. But often you have to monitor your ovulation the month before you begin your stim cycle

  • @dragonette505 that's what I thought but just wanted to be sure I didn't need to order any. I've been on bcp leading up to so I'm guessing that's why they didn't have me do that! 
    Me & DH: 28  |  TTC since May 2016  |  DH: Morphology 0%  |  2 IUI's with Clomid - BFN  |  IVF ICSI Sept. 2017
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    @loverin yep! I did a natural cycle (then estrogen priming) into my cycle, but on BCP they have you timed perfectly!!

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