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Nerdy baby names?

So my husband and I are major nerds and love all things Star Wars, Game of Thrones, super heros, etc. I have always been a huge fan of Arya on Game of Thrones because I think she is a total badass. Would it be too dorky to name a daughter Arya? 

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  • I actually know a couple who named their daughter Arya. She's adorable and it seems to fit her well.
  • It's a pretty name, but has skyrocketed in popularity. If you don't mind it's popularity, go for it. 
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  • It's becoming quite popular. 

    Personal pet peeve, Arya and Aria are two different names with two different pronunciations.
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  • The nerd factor is lost on Arya. It's straight trendy.

  • I do not see it as a nerdy name

  • It's becoming quite popular. 

    Personal pet peeve, Arya and Aria are two different names with two different pronunciations.
    Thiiiiiiiis.  It drives me crazy when, referring to Arya Stark, people say Aria.  They are not pronounced the same.
  • Dorky, no, but I feel that it really lacks meaning.  I don't feel like I would love it if my parents had given me a name from a tv show popular at the time.
  • My daughter's middle name is actually Arya. I took it from the elven princess from Eragon, but I think the name is fitting. Also, Aria T'loak from Mass Effect!! It's a great name with some pretty deep meanings. There's a reason it's used so much in popular culture. 
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  • bbiutmcph said:
    The nerd factor is lost on Arya. It's straight trendy.

    Using Leia would fit your nerd requirement, is a badass woman, and doesn't scream trendy like Arya does. 

    Also suggesting
    Lyra (the Golden Compass)
    Diana (Wonder Woman's real name)
    Marie (Rogue from XMen real name)
    Jean (Jean Grey from XMen)
    Caitlyn (Stark)
    Kara (Supergirl)
    Natalia / Natasha (Black Widow's real name)
    Elizabeth (Pirates of the Caribbean)
    Luna (Harry Potter)
    Molly (Harry Potter)
    Hermione (Harry Potter)

    There are so many quality female characters out there, all across nerd-dom. Surely you can do better than the trite fangirl-ness of Arya. 
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  • It's interesting that Arya has become very popular after GoT became widely known.  It's happened with two other names I'm aware of in the past.

    Wendy -- didn't really exist as a girl's name before the publication of the book Peter Pan, and was helped along in popularity by the Disney movie.  J. M. Barrie, the author, was called "fwendy" -- a mispronunciation of the word "friend" -- by her best friend as a child.  She named the oldest daughter of the Darling family Wendy in honor of her friend, and a new girl's name was born!  

    Madison -- this name, which continues to be really popular among girls, was exclusively a last name until the movie Splash came out in 1980s.  For those too young to remember the movie, it was Daryl Hannah's breakout movie, in which she played a modern-day mermaid living in NYC who meets and falls in love with Tom Hanks' character.  The mermaid winds up on the streets of New York and learns English from watching TVs at an electronics store.  When Tom Hanks' character asks her for her name, she looks up and sees the Madison Ave. street sign and chooses "Madison" as her human name.  After the release of the movie, which was very popular at the time, the name Madison skyrocketed to #3.  I looked it up on the SSA website, and it didn't exist as a name until 1985.

    If you like Arya, and you don't mind that it will probably be popular for a while, go for it.  Especially if you really like the character -- and who wouldn't!  She's clearly the best character in the series, IMHO!  But, like others have said, this name is probably breaking out of its association with GoT and becoming a popular name even with people who aren't fans of the show, so if you're looking for a name that identifies your family as lovers of sci fi and fantasy pop culture, Arya might not be the best choice.
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  • Seconding the Leia rec, if you love Star Wars!  Also, what about Brienne as a GoT related name?  Brienne of Tarth is a bad ass as well as brave, loyal and kind.  Also, perhaps Zelda?  Not sure if you're into games at all. Oh, and Lyra, which was previously suggested is absolutely gorgeous.
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    Arya is a really cute name and definitely not too nerdy since it's becoming so popular now! If you like it I say go for it.

    Also @KaLikeAWind It is Catelyn Stark, not Caitlyn :)
    It was not even a name before the Game of Thrones book came out in 1996. George R. R. Martin is know for taking real names and changing it up a little, like by adding or removing a letter. Edward becoming Eddard is another example.
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  • ^^ true that. Autocorrect and proofread fail. Thanks :)
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