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New girl on the block (loss mentioned)

Hey y'all, 
I'm new to this scene unfortunately. I've been lurking for a little while but thought I would introduce myself. I'm 29, DH 32. I guess my story starts way back when I was 21 and DH was 24. We accidentally got pregnant (which seems like a miracle now), but I was thrilled. Sadly, that resulted in a MC at around 5 weeks. Fast forward to Jan 2015, we started trying to conceive because we were actually ready. 16 months later after two rounds of femara, we finally got a BFP. Sadly, that ended in a MMc at 12 weeks (baby passed at 9 weeks). I had a D&C on July 14, 2017. Since then, I've met with a RE who agrees we should do some testing and some monitored cycles after that. We are waiting for chromosome testing to come back for the baby, which seems like it's taking forever, to guide which way to start testing. If abnormal, he wants to do genetic testing on us. If normal, he wants to start with a saline u/s to look at my uterus. Apparently, the saline u/s needs to be in the first 10 days of the cycle, which I'm sure AF is on her way soon. Do you think it would be unreasonable to go ahead and ask for that to be scheduled even if the chromosome testing isn't back yet? Anything I should be doing while I wait? I'm still a rookie in all this so any advice is welcomed. 

Re: New girl on the block (loss mentioned)

  • I'm so sorry to read about your losses. Personally, I think it would be fair to go through with the ultrasound. It cannot hurt right? 
  • I'm so sorry about your losses. I would definitely get the saline ultrasound done regardless of what the testing says. My RE wouldn't go through with treatment without it. If there is something wrong with your lining all the meds/timed cycles/IUIs could be a waste. It's a pretty quick and simple procedure. Best of luck to you as you move forward! 
    [Spoiler]Me:32 DH:32
    Dx: PCOS - on metformin
    DS born 11/2014
    TTC #2
    5 failed IUIs
    1 IUI ending in mc & d&c at 9.5w - girl with trisomy 16
    Pursuing IVF with CCRM - ODWU done - IVF set for May-June
    Surprise BFP 3/5 - Rainbow baby due 11/9/18 - Team Green[/spoiler]

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  • @Prayingfor2 @dmo1371 Thanks! That exactly what I was thinking. I definitely don't want to be pushed back an additional cycle due to timing either. 
  • *tw*
    @mrsjcrane Welcome , but sorry you find yourself here... Like @dmo1371, my RE required it from the very beginning. So I don't think there'd be any harm in doing it now, especially if it prevents you from having to wait another cycle. That's the worst!!! (We were put on a 2 cycle break by our RE in June after our MC and even though it was necessary, I just felt like it was time wasted)

    GL and keep us posted! 
    Me: 33 / DH: 30
    Married: 10/19/13
    NTNP since 2010 / TTC since 2013
    DX: Unexplained
    June 2014 – Aug 2014 (3 cycles): Medicated cycles >> Letrozole + Trigger = BFN
    Sept 2014: IUI #1 >> Letrozole + Follistim + Trigger = BFN 
    Dec 2014: IUI #2 >> Letrozole + Follistim + Trigger = BFN 
    Sept 2016: Consult with RE, DH consult with Urologist
    Nov 2016: D&C to remove polyps >> RE required 6 month break
    May 2017: IUI #3 >> Letrozole + Follistim + Trigger = BFP >> MC/CP
    Aug 2017: IUI #4 >> Follistim + Trigger = BFN
    Oct 2019: IVF Consult

  • @puppyluv13 thanks for the reassurance. I don't want to do be too pushy but my RE did say that he would be as thorough as I wanted or as laid back as I want. Alas, still no chromosome results or AF....going insane with the waiting! 
  • Welcome! Sorry to hear about your losses. How heartbreaking. I would try to move ahead with whatever testing you can! The more you can get done the more answers you will hopefully receive and the faster you can make a plan and move forward. Tests that I had to get in certain cycle Windows my office wouldn't let me make until I could report that I was actually on day 1. Good luck!
  • Finally got AF! Sonohysterogram scheduled for Tuesday and blood work sometime next week! I'm super excited to get this ball rolling! 
  • Glad to hear they scheduled it. Good luck! Hopefully there is an easy solution for you guys

  • @mrsjcrane My journey is similar to yours - accidental pregnancy at 23 (DH was 24) that ended in a MC. Fast forward: post-law school, post-home purchase, adulting like pros, we tried and unfortunately that resulted in an CP/MC at 8 weeks. Just know that you are not alone! Best of luck to you!

    Me: 33 DH: 34

    TTC since 7/2015

    NMC 1/2/2017

    NMC 9/17/2017

    CP 11/13/2017

    NMC 4/5/2018

    BFP 5/31/18; EDD 2/9/2018

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