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Possible Birth Defect

I am currently 23wks with baby #2 And am high risk due to epilepsy and hypothyroidism. My daughter(now 18 months old) was born with a bicornuate uterus and bilateral renal agenesis(single kidney) and my husband and I just found out that baby #2 may have club foot. We go next Friday for a more in depth ultrasound, but I am freaking out and feeling like a complete failure both as a woman and a mother. My husband doesn't really seem to understand how bad I feel like I have damaged both of our children and how guilty I feel. I know children having club foot isn't a horrible thing and it is quite common, but there is no family history and I have not done anything environmentally to cause this so I am at a loss as to how this could happen. Has anyone had this happen to them? How did the correction process go and how did it effect the child's development (walking, rolling over, etc) and did it effect any other children?

Re: Possible Birth Defect

  • I have not experienced this personally but I just wanted to tell you not to feel like a failure! I know people personally who have had both of these
    conditions and they have both turned out great! My grandma has a the exact same condition as your little girl and has lived a long and healthy life! Your babies are lucky to have a mom that cares about them so much. 
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