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DFI and/or PGS

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Has anyone's husbands done DFI (DNA fragmentation index)? We are going to be starting our second full IVF w/ICSI  cycle end of September/early October due to MFI (0% normal morphology). My doctor has recommended possibly doing PGS testing. Prior to doing that I'm interested in DFI for my husband. Has anyone done this and what were results? What were your recommendations based on the results you received? Thank you in advance! 

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  • @krenee124 I don't have any experience with DFI, but MH also has 0 morphology. Is that the only issue?
    Me: 38 DH:39
    TTC #2 - August 2016
    IUI #1-3 BFN 

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  • Prior to starting treatment, after it was found that DH's sperm have poor motility and morphology, we had a DNA fragmentation test, which was high (43%). A year later, after 3-4 months on a male fertility supplemnet, it had dropped only slightly to 39%. We were told by our first RE that DNA fragmentation was not a reliable test... we have 6 failed IUI's with that doctor before switching. 
    Our new doctor believes that having high DNA fragmentation means you need to use ICSI, but besides that shouldn't affect fertilization or embryo quality.
    We did decide to go ahead with a mini-IVF cycle with ICSI, and we're right in the thick of it, so I'm hopeful this will work for us, but we don't know yet. 

    It seems like depending on what you read or who you talk to, everyone has a different opinion on what the test results signify. If you're already planing to do ICSI, having the fragmentation test may not be needed. 

    Me 31 DH 33 Married since July 2010
    TTC #1 since June 2015 ----> MFI (High DNA Fragmentation) & Mild endometriosis
    Aug 2016 - May 2017  6 IUI's with letrozole - BFN
    April 2017 - laparoscopy to remove mild endo
    June 2017 - Mini IVF letrozole 12.5mg, Gonal-F 75IU - Cancelled early ovulation, no eggs retrieved. 
    Aug/Sept 2017 - Mini IVF letrozole 12.5mg, Gonal-F 75IU, cetrotide - 13 eggs retrieved, 11 mature
    5 eggs ICSI'd 6 eggs frozen - 1 day 5 blast transfered, 2 expanded blast frozen - BFP!

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  • @RVAmom315 0% normal morphology is all that we have diagnosed now. Motility is around 40% so I guess that could be better, but morphology is our diagnosis. We did genetic testing on myself and came back with no concerns. 
    @ReesaAnne16 thank you for your information. we did IVF w/ ICSI in Jan/February with a fresh transfer and 4AA embryo - everything was great! Negative beta. We did a frozen transfer in May with 2 embryos *TW* miscarried at 7 weeks with one baby *END TW* I'm hope everything about your IVF cycle is going okay right now! It was definitely not easy but being on the other side of my process now, just know it gets easier! The bloat goes away, the side effects disappear!

    we are getting ready to do another full ivf for a few reasons, although we have two frozen embryos left. Doctor recc PGS testing this time and we can test the current frozen embryos we have if we choose to do so. We will see.

    My RE didn't think DFI was necessary but husbands Male Infertility Specialist did. Here were my thoughts on it: if we don't do it but do PGS testing and find that we have X amount of chromosomal abnormalities and they get rid of those embryos.. will we know where the abnormality is?! If we do DFI first and find that all of my husbands sperm have DNA fragmentations then maybe his sperm is not good at all.. I feel like an embryo fertilized with poor sperm DNA won't ever make it. So then I wouldn't go through the IVF/ICSI with his sperm.. does this make sense? I could be totally off - just my thought process on this. Either way we ordered the lab kit for the DFI so I guess we will see what happens! 
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