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DH informed me last week that he no longer likes the name I thought we were probably going to use (Chase) if baby #3 is a boy.  I had wanted to use a "C" name to honor my grandmother who passed away last year and this was the one name we could agree upon.  I'd prefer to use a C name as a first name, but if we found something else we loved, I'd use the C for a middle name.  

With 10 days to go, I finally got him to come up with a list of names.  We narrowed it down to the following, but prefer different names on the list:


Our other boys are Harrison and Aidan.  Any thoughts on the above names?
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Re: Boy name help

  • I like Nathaniel and Gavin. Adding Colin.
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    I like Preston, Gavin, and Maxwell the best (all which go nicely with Chase as a middle name). The only one I really don't like is Oliver. It's so common.
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  • I feel like Maxwell, Oliver or Nathaniel pair best in your sibset.

    I would add


  • Maxwell, Preston, and Nathaniel are my favorite (in that order) 

    The only name on the list that I personally didnt care for is Colton. Have you considered Cole? 

    Oliver is a nice name but really popular. 
  • @BabyBoyH92016 DH doesn't like Cole.  We went through a huge list of C names and we vetoed each other's suggestions.  Chase had been one of the only ones we agreed on and now he threw out Colton as a possibility.  He has continued to reject some of my other C suggestions and I don't like his, which is why we'll probably use the C for a middle name.  He's even willing to consider Chase as a middle name, but he doesn't want to use it as a first name.
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  • I love Oliver but wish it wasn't so popular.  But Aidan is popular so maybe that's ok with you. 
  • @mb0112 Oliver is at the top of my list, but I also wish it wasn't as popular.  Obviously I picked a very popular name for one child already, but with him, we were using an A name after my grandfather and it was 1 of 2 boy names we could agree upon.  Of course, DH did the same thing where shortly before I was due he decided he didn't like it any more, but then gave in after delivery.  DS2 didn't have a name for the first 24 hours though because I struggled with whether to name him what I wanted even though DH wasn't crazy about it.  I really liked the name long before it was super popular and once DS2 was born, the name seemed to fit him better than the other one.

    We'll probably narrow down the list a little further within the next week and then if it's a boy, make a final decision after delivery.
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