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Too Many J names? Too popular?

Hi! Found out I am having a boy. I have a boy named Julian and a daughter named Josephine. My name starts with L and my H starts with A. It just worked out that I gave the two kids names with Js. So with the third I don't know if I should continue the tradition or if it is too gimmicky to do that. My H asked to use Jonathan as the middle name after a close grandparent.  I have always loved the name William (another important relative family name, brother and grandfather). One option I am considering is Jonathan William and calling him Will. I think John is a great name but not special to me at this point. I have reservations about Will bc I don't want him to be one of 6 kids in his class with that name. Should I go back to the drawing board? We are in the Midwest and last name is comparable to Miller. 

Re: Too Many J names? Too popular?

  • I'm not sure how popular Will is in the Midwest but doubt he'd be one of 6 in the class.  Maybe one of 2/3 in the class. But your other kids have much less common names so it does stick out as the most common.  

    I find it silly when parents decide before naming a child that they will go by the middle name. I figure if you want them to go by it, put it as the first name.  So if you like William best despite the popularity I say you should name him William Jonathan.

    If you want a less common name, a J name, and don't love Jonathan, I'd suggest

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  • I like William Jonathan and I don't think it will be as popular as you think. Liam is but I can't say I know any little Wills or Williams.

  • Regardless of popularity, William is a great, solid name that is classic and recognizable. It has a lot of different nicknames too. I'm biased though because if we ever have a little boy he will be William Christopher.

    My vote is William Jonathan.
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  • As a person whose parents have called me a nickname of my middle name since birth...don't do it. It's a giant pain in the butt. If you are going to call him Will, make his first name William. My $0.02. 
  • William is a great name and it doesn't feel super popular.  I would definitely use what you plan to call him as his first name, it will eliminate a lot of confusion.
  • William Jonathan or Jonathan William both sound good to me. I dont mind the J theme, it isnt corny to me. I feel like Jonathan is a less common name (its my brothers name and friends in early school called him Jon, I call him Jonny sometimes, but 90% of the time he goes by Jonathan) so if you worry Will is too common (which I also dont think it is) Jonathan might be less common.  I think Julian, Jonathan, and Josephine sound nice together. 
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  • I've always felt that having more than two children with the same first initial is very corny.  And I'm also not a fan of using the middle name as a given name.  It's confusing for other people and complicates things for no good reason.  William Jonathan would be a great option for you.  Being one of several kids with the same name isn't the biggest problem in the world, and you should use the name that you love regardless of popularity.
  • We are going with N's for our kids, and they'll all have B middle names. H and I both have JD initials and discussed carrying that over to our kids. I like matchy matchy. If you love J names go with that. 

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  • My two boys will likely have the same first initial (I say "likely" b/c # 2 isn't here yet).  We like the names, so oh well.
  • Thank you everyone for the feedback! I will take it all into consideration and bounce it off my H too. Man, naming a baby is such an important task! It seems so easy until you actually have to do it then it's such pressure. 
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