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GTKY: Cheerful things!

What are some things that always make you happy? Maybe it's watching a certain show, eating a certain food, spending time with a certain person. What is what turns a frown upside-down?

Re: GTKY: Cheerful things!

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  • Target!  A stroll through Target, especially alone, with some Starbucks, can fix anything.  As for food, its pizza.  Same with you guys DH and DD's smile and laugh.  
  • I'm an ice cream junky. Extreme Moose Tracks is my favorite.

     I love cuddling with my dogs.

    when DS gives me a kiss for no reason 


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  • Pizza and champagne. Not necessarily the combo but I certainly wouldn't scoff at the combo.
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  • MRDCleMRDCle member
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    @lalala2004 tiramisu is my fave dessert EVER. Last fall I made a donut tiramisu and it was amaaaaazing. @JNCPro3130 our son has just started saying "I love you" unprompted and it's basically the best.
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  • We went grocery shopping tonight and I got dulce de leche frozen yogurt. It's so good, it tastes like a caramel Frosty.
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  • Great thread idea!
    @JennyColada  Yes to ice cream!!
    @KFrob  Yes to Target.
    @JNCPro3130  Doggie snuggles are the best! <3

    I love early morning runs, sunrises, sunsets, snuggle times (with DH and the kiddos), the sound of laughter, eating sweet treats, especially in summer.
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