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Weekly randoms 07.08

This is where we share anything we want! Even the most random things :) 

Re: Weekly randoms 07.08

  • As per last week's conversation lol :p 
    Meet my everything holder. ❤️
  • What is this hip pain? I feel like I've had sex for 9 hours yesterday!! 
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  • @tyannej i only get it when im lying down too much on one side, like i have to switch sides! It even wakes me up at night! Do you get it while standing? :(
  • And I'm in bed at 8:15pm (Germany). I am 100% okay with this. No shame.
  • Hahaha totally okay with napping 4 hours a day (just because i can) lol so i completely understand you! @sofiaberlin
  • @yasandson yes! It's both of my hips and it's actually worse when I'm standing.. I'm guessing they are spreading out since I'm carrying so low and there's so much pressure because she's breeched.
  • @tyannej. Awwww...  yeah well that would explain it! Ive read that swimming helps out a lot loosening joints pain! 
  • @yasandson I need to find a pool then!!!!
  • I love swimming! Helps to take the weight off for a bit.
  • Me too @NervousNelly825! A friend of H has a salted water pool (no chlorine) and its heated. Its no surprise ive been spending my summer over there :p 
  • Wish everybody a nice weekend! 
  • I just thought I would let everyone know that the best  idea that I've ever had was moving into a house (which is amazing), 8 months pregnant, in the deadass middle of August, in Texas heat.  Just kidding, I do not advise. But we are in!
  • You're one strong mama @tyannej lolll. Happy you re done with the moving!!! 
  • Hey all, went for 32 week growth scan...i am officially 32 +3...however I was measuring 3 weeks ahead and baby last. Weighing 5 pounds 12 oz....i already have a scheduled c section on Oct.11 which is 39 weeks 2 days....My question is do you think they will push up the c section more due to size of baby?...anyone with experience with measuring a o far ahead...im nervous
  • Hey @nalex420, I'm sure the doctors will do what they think is best for you and the baby... I have no experience with this, but I'm sending good thoughts your way. Don't be too nervous, a big baby is a healthy baby!
  • @nalex420 same here, no experience but positive thoughts headed your way! 

    Also, sending positive thoughts to anybody whose life is being affected by Harvey in the Texas state! ❤️ 
  • Anyone else having insane groin pain? Like I felt like I got forced into the splits or something... what is this?! 
  • Same here! Feels like ive got kicked by a 600pounds Sumo right there... @tyannej
  • Ive been mesuring 34 weeks my last two apointments that were 2 weeks apart... Been eating crap a lot. Is it due to my bad eating habits or is it common? 
  • @yasandson There comes a time where they stop changing in measurements, maybe you've hit that point?!
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  • Maybe @VLillyV (so happy to see you on here ❤️) i should ask about it next apointment, dr didnt seem concerned but i was just wondering if it was due to me eating crap lol! 
  • Anyone else losing their breath super easily now days? I'm like a panting dog by the time I get to the top of my stairs!
    And I'm SO hot all the time! I can't believe it's almost October! I am SO excited....but wish time would slow down. Being pregnant is so amazing.  <3
  • Yeah, I had that problem much worse before my baby dropped @jsh5. I couldn't take stairs or anything without panting like I had run a 5 mile marathon. My SO would tease me.
    As for the hot part, yes! It drives my SO mad because it's cooling down outside but I still need to have the A/C running on an almost constant basis. I get hot so easily.

    @yosandson yeah, I have that hip problem too when laying down. It's made it really hard to get a really good night's sleep. It feels like pressure pain on my hip. And I lay on a lot of pillows, have pillows under the belly, behind the back, under the hips, between the legs... But it just seems to prolong the pain, not ever really stop it. I talked to my ob about it, and she said it's likely to do with the softening of the joints in my hips. My hips can't take the pressure as well as they used to because everything in the hips is softening as it prepares for childbirth. Muscles, tendons, joints... All of it. The best you can do imo is pad the area you lay on so you can sleep for longer. Getting support for the belly when you lay down helps a lot too. Takes some of the weight off of your hips.

    Anyone had monster cravings for chocolate this late in their third trimester? I want pretty much everything chocolate. Oreos, Hershey's, ice cream, etc. I just keep craving sugar a lot. I crave healthy stuff too but I've noticed my cravings for sweets have escalated like mad.
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  • +1 on the sudden urge for all sugar things @maverickmomma
  • @maverickmomma +1 on wanting everything chocolate. For the last week I've eaten chocolate chip cookies and milk after dinner 
  • @maverickmomma Amen on the gigantic sweet tooth!!! I've always been a sweets eater but the past 2 weeks I NEED it lol. Especially chocolate which is not usually my go to sweet.
  • jsh5jsh5 member
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    Random question: do Tucks medicated pads really expire? I am going through left over supplies from my first born and I have a whole unopened tub of Tucks. It says they expired 3/2016. I'm just confused what would have expired in the ingredients? What do you guys think? Trash or use?
  • @jsh5 if it's anything like regular medication it doesn't really "expire" they just aren't as potent. They'll still work but not be as strong as they would be if they were new.
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