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  • I really love color names. Cyan, Indigo...Others are Greek, like Demeter or Echo. And then the weird like Halcyon.

    My mom said each was flat out stupid and DH would never go for any of them either.
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  • tmk0325 said:
    bbiutmcph said:
    Crispin and Wolfgang. My husband would never plus our surname would never work with either 

    Crispin like the beer???  I've never heard that as a name, just a brand of beer/cider! 

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  • antotoantoto
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    I like really hippie/nature names like River, Willow, Acacia, Autumn, Sky, Raven, etc.  I especially like it when it's paired with an equally hippie middle name.  Like I actually love the name River Song from Doctor Who.  If that kid wouldn't get made fun of mercilessly I would totally steal it.  
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  • I know a boy named Agnes in college for a reason it stuck in my head. I thought the idea of naming Agnes was cool. 
  • MrsCFBMrsCFB
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    Thor for a boy
  • Fun thread!

    If DH and I had a boy, we'd seriously consider Jagger, at least as a middle name. As in Mick Jagger. But, some celebrity somewhat recently used it, and we're having a girl. 
    We just saw the Rolling Stones' Exhibitionism in Chicago and as we were going through I said, "Seriously? Middle name for our daughter? Jagger. Let's just do it. I'm 99% serious."
    The 1% of my brain says both we and she will get made fun of so.... not gonna happen. 

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  • I love Dawson for a girl. I think this obsession came from the tv show Chicago Fire. The characters often go by last names and his was one girl's last name, so now I associate Dawson with a really pretty girl lol
  • For a girl: Romy, Remi, Leni, Theodora (love this name, but associate it as a Greek name, which we are not)

    Boy: Monte, Dante, Milo (super close to naming our son this, but couldn't pull the trigger). I adore Vincent but my husband thinks of the movie My Cousin Vinny. 
  • I love the name Crispen but it is so specific to Crispen Glover to me.
  • Madison and Mackenzie for a girl.  I hate the boy name on a girl trend, but for some reason, these don't count in my mind hah.  I wouldn't use them, but they are definitely a GP.
  • bbiutmcph said:
    tmk0325 said:
    bbiutmcph said:
    Crispin and Wolfgang. My husband would never plus our surname would never work with either 

    Crispin like the beer???  I've never heard that as a name, just a brand of beer/cider! 
    @bbiutmcph It makes me think of Crispin Bonham-Carter. Mr. Bingley in BBC's Pride and Prejudice <3
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  • Samwise for a boy.

    Ohhhh man. My dream name. No, I wouldn't do it.


  • McKinley for a girl.  When I was a teen I loved Ben Kenobi for a boy - luckily I outgrew that lol.
  • Caspian, Indigo, Ambrose, Archibald, Leonidas and Juniper for a boy. 
  • Me and H are actually considering naming our DS Tormund, like from Game of Thrones! We love him! I also really loved Mickey, but I can't stand the thought of everyone associating him with Micky Mouse (cringe) when we would be naming him after Mick Jagger. It goes so well with our last name! Don't know if we'll actually have a name picked out when he's born considering I'm almost full term now
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