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Weekly Randoms 7.17

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Does anyone's LO scream sooo loud when they are just playing?! He's not upset when he does it...he'll be having fun playing with his toys and will just start shrieking. It's honestly SO loud it hurts my ears hah. He was doing it last night at a restaurant too. It's so annoying but I have no idea how to make him stop..anyone else experience this?!

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  • E isn't usually super loud, but she does make a lot of shrieking noises when she is excited playing or if she sees our cat. As she gets older, she is getting louder now, but hasn't yet gone loud enough to hurt my ears. 
  • My lo loves to scream and she has this high pitch scream.
    People comment it in stores as she really has this scream that can hurt.
    Just out of excitement and no bad complaints.
    Its cute and annoying at the same time!


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  • M doesn't scream much but he thinks he's SO funny and loves to laugh at himself. I find it so funny!!!
  • LO used to screech but has toned it down to incessant babbling and crazy kicking. 
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  • Yes, LO goes through random bouts of screaming over here. He used to do it often few months ago and recently has begun to do it again. Today it was constant. He's starting to babble more too, which is exciting. 
  • My son growls when he is excited. So. There's that. I gave birth to a metal head.
  • Hahha okay thanks ladies. Glad I'm not the only one with a loud baby! He does it all the time...walking down the hallway of our apartment building, in the store, etc. so we get our fair share of looks. 

    @leighry there's no shortage of growling over here too!! I call him my little dinosaur/monster. Crazy babies.
  • Yep! Evy is a screamer and a growler! The screaming comes equally when she is playing with her sister, or when she is wanting space from her sister, lol!

    Growling is usually reserved for when I'm not getting the food into her mouth quickly enough!

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